Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today I'm Completely Wiped Out.

Last Friday I went to visit my midwives for a routine visit.  But it quickly turned stressful when the midwife pulled out the Doppler and we realized that the baby's heartbeat was waaaaay too fast and occasionally irregular.  She couldn't really do much more but I was scheduled for my mid-pregnancy anatomy screen on Monday. 

Tony got half of Monday off and we took the girls with us to the ultrasound.  The tech couldn't tell us much but she could tell us that baby's heartbeat was definitely irregular.  But she didn't see anything to point to tachycardia.  BUT, the ultrasound was TWO HOURS!  There were two reasons for this.  The baby is very active (I knew that long before we went) and this made getting the needed pictures difficult.  The other reason was because they needed so much more info on the baby's heart then they would normally. 

We didn't really get any questions answered except that we are going to be welcoming Baby Girl #4 sometime the beginning of July!  I'm thrilled that Elle will have her own buddy.  She's getting tired of being the third wheel. 

Yesterday I took Britt to Seattle Children's Hospital for her scheduled tonsillectomy and adenoid removal.  They were HUGE!  She had sleep apnea that made her sound like Darth Vader while sleeping, and occasionally caused her to stop breathing.  We had to get up suuuuuuuuper early.  Everything went well and she did so good.  Quite the model patient.  She charmed all the staff, of course.  My sister-in-law and sister, Rach, were awesome and took care of the other two girls.  My mom and another sister met Britt and I at the hospital and we were glad to have their company and assistance. 

 (left: cutie pre-surgery!  top right: ready to go to sleep and last pic with tonsils.  bottom right: groggy but tonsil and adenoid free!

Britt was pretty groggy on the way home and for about an hour afterward.  Then she perked up when I showed her all the treats that she was allowed to have whenever she wants.  She's been ingesting yogurt and popsicles like a crazy person!  She's on an alternating round of acetaminophen and ibuprofen.  The doc also prescribed a narcotic to be given if needed (which she didn't take all day)

(feelin' better)

I had her sleep with me last night.  Tony was sweet and gave her his bed.  She woke up crying around midnight and threw up.  I gave her the narcotic and more acetaminophen and then she slept until 7:30.  I didn't sleep so well because she kept randomly crying out in her sleep and then going back into deeper sleep.  I'd wake up, thinking she needed something, and then have to get myself back to sleep.  I'm a great sleeper, when I'm NOT pregnant. 

Britt was super hyper when she woke up, but that only lasted for about 15 minutes.  She's eating and drinking and I can't complain.  She has been relatively easy.  But I'm so exhausted from the events of the past several days! 

I received an email from one of my midwives and can only assume that they aren't overly concerned, or that there really isn't anything anyone can do for fetal arrhythmia.  Here is what the email said about the baby's heart, based on the ultrasound:

From the radiologist - "Intermittently detected arrhythmia, most commonly a prolonged pause between beats.  One episode of fetal tachycardia was documented with a transient heart rate of 242 BPM.  Apparently fetal tachycardia has been identified on clinical assessment.  By report, a fetal echocardiogram has been scheduled, and is pending."

From the midwife - "Your ultrasound looks normal!  I hear that you already have an echocardiogram scheduled to evaluate the fetal arrhythmia.  Let us know if you have any questions."

The order for an echocardiogram has been put in but I was told they like to wait until about 22 weeks to do them, so they haven't actually called to schedule yet.  I'm 20 weeks today.  **sigh**  It's hard to know that things aren't quite right but not know the whys and whats.  This wasn't a problem in December (last time I was seen by a midwife).  So, what happened between then and now? 

So, that's the update on things here.  I'm looking forward to naptime!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today We Played in Some Fluffy White Stuff.


It snowed a little right before Christmas and then again last night.  So the girls were chomping at the bit to go outside and throw some snowballs at Tony and me.  Church was cancelled so we took them out to play after breakfast.  

Britt likes to throw snowballs, but she doesn't appreciate receiving them.  Ash is all about making snowmen.  Elle just likes to go back and forth between playing around in it and leading me by my finger for a little walk.  

We tried using a cardboard box, but it would only go about 2 feet at a time.  Too bad our sleds are in storage 1.5 hours away!  

Long story.  

I took more pictures with my phone.  If I could figure out how to attach my Instagram account to my blog, I could tell you to go look over there to.  

In the meantime, some of my favorites:

 (daddy had just pegged her in the head with a snowball)



(love this profile)

(can you believe she's 2?!?!)

(contagious enthusiasm)

(baby's turn)


(kitty cat eyes)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today I Went to the Fair.

Today we went to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA.  The girls were quite impressed.  It was fun.  I don't have huge amounts of narrative to add.  Just pictures. 

(ash wasn't too impressed with the cow pies)

(the goats were a big hit)

(we saw a really fun steam punk acrobatic show in sillyville.  unfortunately, we sat too far away to get a good pic with my phone.)

(lots of smiles today)

 (we ate lots of yummy, not so healthy, food!)

Where you able to go to a fair this year?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today I'm Going to Tell You Why I Choose to Homeschool.

Ash and I had a great day, today!  We are loosely following the Sonlight Pre-K curriculum and since I call the shots, I'll be starting her on the Kindergarten curriculum when she turns 5 in November.  Britt is doing preschool and will start Pre-K when she turns 4 early next year.  :)  Elle is just experiencing life and learning daily!  

 (ash, on the far right with her sister, Britt, and two of her aunties)

Today Ash and I did a lot of reading and she did some work pages from Developing the Early Learner, which she is almost done with.  She'd sit down and do each book in one sitting if I'd let her!

 (ash, with a mouthful of chocolate)

We read several stories and did some counting (I wanted to test her ability to match the physical number with the numeral and she did great) with chocolate chunks and an egg carton.  She was spot on!

(homemade counting activity)

We also read about what nature is and went on a nature walk.  I took pictures of everything she found and more!  

 ("baby pinecones, mom!")

Now, my reasons for why Tony and I choose to homeschool our children (not in any particular order of importance): 

  1. Curriculum Planning (seriously, so much fun!).
  2. Closer relationship/bond with my kids.
  3. More time spent with each other (goes hand in hand with #2).
  4. I get to set up the environment instead of letting virtual strangers decide.
  5. We can go as fast or as slow as we want (no conveyor belt method for us!).
  6. We can take a holiday whenever we want.
  7.  My kids get to be schooled based on how they think, learn and experience life (instead of a failing system).
  8. We can sleep in if we want (Elle definitely does NOT).
  9. Things are chill.
  10. No school shootings.
  11. Little to no bullying.
  12. Little to no peer pressure.
  13. No school lunches to pack.
  14. I'm social but very picky about the quality of our social life.
  15. No ridiculously indoctrinated teachers to deal with (I worked as one and can tell you, we were fed a load of bunk to parrot back to the parents of our students!)
  16. I make it my business to know my children and pray everyday that God will help me teach them what and how is best.  For me that means not giving them to someone else to teach and raise for the majority of the day.

 (all three-leaved and all heart-shaped)

I'm sure that you may have found some of the words I chose to be strong.  I feel strongly about this.  I feel that the traditional classroom setting isn't a natural environment for children to learn in.  I fail to see how one or two teachers can adequately help every child in their class.  I also do not agree that the public schools, in general, can offer my children an appropriate or desirable social experience.  I love spending time with my children.  Is my house immaculate?  No.  Not even remotely, but the trade off is beyond worth it.  And while I don't get a whole lot of "me time," I get enough and know that these precious babies will only be little for so long.


Please don't take offense (if you are angry, I invite you to take a day or two before commenting).  I am in no way criticizing anyone.  I am listing the main reasons I choose to homeschool my children and recognize that others are making a different choice work for them.  I also want to let any of you who might be contemplating homeschool know that while it is more labor intensive, it is also infinitely rewarding and 100% worth every minute of your time, effort and sacrifice (if you want to even call it that, which I don't usually).  If you have any questions or concerns, I'd be happy to do my best at answering.  I was homeschooled by choice, home taught most of my biological siblings (in at least one subject), studied and taught early childhood education for many years and consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of teaching, while still learning more about it everyday.  

My email address is:

The following are more nature walk pics.  :)

(there are little tree frogs right outside our front door!)



(our classroom is wherever we are!)

(sheep friends)

(garden spider - these things are everywhere!)

(tree hugger)

And just because it seems to be what most parents are concerned about, a couple more thoughts on socialization.  Look at the kids you know.  Then look at their parents.  Regardless of how/where those children are schooled, if those kids spend any time with their parents, they WILL be the same kind of social as their parents.  If their parents are awkward, the children will struggle with that.  If the parents are involved and outgoing, the children will usually follow suit.  I have yet to encounter a family that proves my observation wrong.  

I loooooove that my friends were not restricted to a class of kids all my own age and that my peers and examples weren't just a bunch of immature kids, like myself, struggling with a lot of the same things.  Blind leading the blind, maybe?  My socialization involved people of all ages, from all walks of life and from as many nationalities as my community could offer.  

Read this article from  I don't want to shorten it or paraphrase anything.  Just read it and see more of where I'm coming from (though there are certain things I don't put any value on, like prom).  

I believe that as I let our lives happen naturally and my children are involved with family, friends, and groups they love and are passionate about, they will be socialized in the best possible way. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today I am SOOOOOOO Proud of My Husband!

He did it!  Tony graduated on Tuesday and now we are in the Seattle area.  The move was a whirlwind event that occurred right after his graduation.  And a big shout out of THANKS! to my sister Rachel for coming to help.  A life saver right there. 

 (happy man!)

Tony's graduation was nice and we skipped the first, more formal half because it was just a bunch of speeches that the girls would not have sat still for.  The second half was when all the different groups split up depending upon their major.  It was cool.  There were a handful of great speeches and the giving out of diplomas took the longest!

Tony graduated with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.  So, if you know of any positions opening up in that field...... lemme know.  :)

Right now he's doing the required internship that all seniors have to do.  It's most likely that he will have to do at least one more internship to get into a good firm.

 (our little family at graduation)

So, we're currently homeless.  :P  We're living with Tony's parents and we all share a bedroom, which is going better than I thought it would, except for when Elle wants to get up early and I don't.  **big bags under my eyes**  We're still trying to figure out a space of our own, where that should be and whether we really need a second car or not.

Apartments (which aren't even desirable) are way out of our current price range for 3 bedroom places.  Some 2 bedroom apartment complexes won't rent to us because they only allow 2 people per bedroom.  We have 5.  And of course houses usually rent for much more than apartments.  So, our most serious thought is getting a travel trailer and living in that for a year or so. 

We'll see!  No matter what, it's awesome to be back home.  But I sure do miss my friends in Rexburg!  Wish I could have brought some people with me....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today I Let My Daughter Choose.

This is Britt, sportin' her new hair do.  I took her over to my friend's house (who also happens to be my hair dresser) and had her chop Britt's hair short.  I just think it fits the shape of her face so well, not to mention that it also goes along with her sassy personality too!

Then, today, Ash found a pic in a magazine that she must have found inspiring and decided that she wanted her hair cut too.  She talked about it for over an hour.  I have to admit that, initially, I tried everything I could think of to convince her to just leave her pretty, long hair alone!  Then I realized that I was being silly.  And controlling.  And I don't like controlling people.  And it's not like she was asking to to shave her head or put neon green streaks in it, for heaven's sake!  **deep breath**

I realized that I needed let go and act on what I believe.  I believe that we were sent to this earth by a loving Heavenly Father to learn to make choices.  And though my job IS to teach her what is right and wrong and guide her into good paths, and put my foot down when she wants to do something that hurts herself or others, I also need to let her make her own choices.  Like, the majority of the time.  How else will she learn about consequences to her own choices?  Not because I told her to or not to.  I realized that if she hates it, she'll learn to be more cautious when making snap decisions about her appearance.  And if she loves it, she'll gain self esteem because SHE made a good choice.  

Voila!  Cute little, matching English girls!


Yes, I think she's beautiful.  They both are.  Yes, I miss her long hair already.  But, hair grows.  Yes, I am so proud of her.  She's getting so big and really is a good helper with her sisters.  **tear**

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today I Took Pictures.

Hi friends!  Long time, no talk! 

Just wanted to share a current picture of Ash, Britt, and Elle.  I've been practicing shooting pictures in manual mode.  Today I was messing around with dark rooms and bumping the ISO way up.  Makes for an interesting grainy look.  Not my fave, but artsy looking anyway.

(my favorite little people) 

So, remember how I said I was gonna let this blog go dark and blog with my husband over at wordpress?  Yeah...............

He lost interest, so I lost interest, plus wordpress is SO different and I just couldn't figure it all out!

School has been a major struggle for me and I've come to the conclusion that I want to continue learning, but I also want to be able to be a good wife and mom and still have time to do other things I want to do.  So, I'm going to just take one class a semester. 

I've also been doing CrossFit, which I absolutely LOVE, but I messed up my back and hip (from a former injury), so I've got to take a break and do exercise that is less intense.  Boo!

I've been contemplating whether I should share the next bit and I think I will.  I miscarried 3 weeks ago.  I was only 5-6 weeks along and it wasn't a pregnancy that I was planning or expecting.  Still, I was sad, but also grateful that I lost the baby early instead of later, as I tend to get more and more attached as the weeks of pregnancy progress.  :(

Tony is done with school in a week.  Graduation time!!  Woohoo!  Then we will be moving back to the Seattle area.  So.  Stinkin'.  Stoked!!

How's that for a super quick update?  I seriously miss you guys.  But I'm not gonna go making blogging promises I might not keep.  It'll be what it'll be.