Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today I Went to a Christmas Party!

Our church had a simple, potluck Christmas party with Santa Claus and face painting to start off the festivities.  The girls were so funny!  They were sooooo excited to see him the whole day leading up to the party and then when it was go time, Ash because totally star struck and tongue-tied.  Britt was friendly but not her usual exuberant self.  Elle cuddle up on his shoulder because she really didn't know what else to do, and Tate stuck out her lip and threatened to cry until a helpful elf handed her a cany cane!

Dinner was nice and I ate the BEST sweet potato casserole in the whole wide world.  My breadsticks were snatched up immediately which made me feel good.  :)  The girls all got up on the stage and sang their little Christmas songs.  Actually, Elle refused.  I have no idea why, but she got really grumpy after that so we left.  I was sorry to miss the rest of the prepared entertainment, but it was an hour past bedtime for the younger set anyways.

We are squeezing in as much Christmas celebrating as we can this year.  I'm going to try to split my posts about everything between here and Instagram.  You can find me at: jamiebhappy

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Today I Saw Reindeer.

The girls and I decided to go to Watsons Nursery to check out the reindeer.  I thought it would be a short trip, but quickly realized that the marketing team there has skills.  They offered a scavenger hunt that took us all over the place and got us looking at the gorgeous Christmas decorations in their store.  Prior to this trip I didn't even know they had a store!  It was a win-win since I needed an ornament for an upcoming girl's night out ornament exchange.  :)  And the girls were very pleased indeed as there were flying reindeer prizes at the end of the scavenger hunt.  I think I just stumbled upon a new Christmas tradition.  

Anyways, the rest of this post will now be taken over by pictures of all the cuteness.


(i went my whole first 20+ years thinking it was donner, not donder.) 

(they weren't quite as impressed with us as we were with them.) 

(tate.  she's 17 months now.) 

(elle.  she's almost 4!!) 

 (britt, ringing the sleigh bells.  she's 5.5)

(ash. can you believe she's 7?!?!?) 

(they learned that those christmas flowers are called poinsettas) 

(the end)

P.S. I reeeeeeeeeeally want to get back into blogging.  Any of my old blogging peeps still going strong?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today I Want to Turn Back Time.

Gone are the days of a cuddly, peaceful baby!  **sniff**  This little girl is now on the move and bounces back and forth between being happy and pleased with her new found independence, and sad and frustrated with not progressing as fast as she'd like.  Today has been a particularly fuss-filled day. How did this baby get to this point sooooooooooo quickly???  My oldest three did not grow so fast, I swear.

Here is Tate.  These pics were taken at 7 months.  She's 8 months now.  :)