Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today We Played in Some Fluffy White Stuff.


It snowed a little right before Christmas and then again last night.  So the girls were chomping at the bit to go outside and throw some snowballs at Tony and me.  Church was cancelled so we took them out to play after breakfast.  

Britt likes to throw snowballs, but she doesn't appreciate receiving them.  Ash is all about making snowmen.  Elle just likes to go back and forth between playing around in it and leading me by my finger for a little walk.  

We tried using a cardboard box, but it would only go about 2 feet at a time.  Too bad our sleds are in storage 1.5 hours away!  

Long story.  

I took more pictures with my phone.  If I could figure out how to attach my Instagram account to my blog, I could tell you to go look over there to.  

In the meantime, some of my favorites:

 (daddy had just pegged her in the head with a snowball)



(love this profile)

(can you believe she's 2?!?!)

(contagious enthusiasm)

(baby's turn)


(kitty cat eyes)

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alissa apel said...

It looks like fun to me. Nebraska hasn't gotten much snow this year. Bring it on I say!

Your girls are growing up into little cute ladies.