Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today I'm Completely Wiped Out.

Last Friday I went to visit my midwives for a routine visit.  But it quickly turned stressful when the midwife pulled out the Doppler and we realized that the baby's heartbeat was waaaaay too fast and occasionally irregular.  She couldn't really do much more but I was scheduled for my mid-pregnancy anatomy screen on Monday. 

Tony got half of Monday off and we took the girls with us to the ultrasound.  The tech couldn't tell us much but she could tell us that baby's heartbeat was definitely irregular.  But she didn't see anything to point to tachycardia.  BUT, the ultrasound was TWO HOURS!  There were two reasons for this.  The baby is very active (I knew that long before we went) and this made getting the needed pictures difficult.  The other reason was because they needed so much more info on the baby's heart then they would normally. 

We didn't really get any questions answered except that we are going to be welcoming Baby Girl #4 sometime the beginning of July!  I'm thrilled that Elle will have her own buddy.  She's getting tired of being the third wheel. 

Yesterday I took Britt to Seattle Children's Hospital for her scheduled tonsillectomy and adenoid removal.  They were HUGE!  She had sleep apnea that made her sound like Darth Vader while sleeping, and occasionally caused her to stop breathing.  We had to get up suuuuuuuuper early.  Everything went well and she did so good.  Quite the model patient.  She charmed all the staff, of course.  My sister-in-law and sister, Rach, were awesome and took care of the other two girls.  My mom and another sister met Britt and I at the hospital and we were glad to have their company and assistance. 

 (left: cutie pre-surgery!  top right: ready to go to sleep and last pic with tonsils.  bottom right: groggy but tonsil and adenoid free!

Britt was pretty groggy on the way home and for about an hour afterward.  Then she perked up when I showed her all the treats that she was allowed to have whenever she wants.  She's been ingesting yogurt and popsicles like a crazy person!  She's on an alternating round of acetaminophen and ibuprofen.  The doc also prescribed a narcotic to be given if needed (which she didn't take all day)

(feelin' better)

I had her sleep with me last night.  Tony was sweet and gave her his bed.  She woke up crying around midnight and threw up.  I gave her the narcotic and more acetaminophen and then she slept until 7:30.  I didn't sleep so well because she kept randomly crying out in her sleep and then going back into deeper sleep.  I'd wake up, thinking she needed something, and then have to get myself back to sleep.  I'm a great sleeper, when I'm NOT pregnant. 

Britt was super hyper when she woke up, but that only lasted for about 15 minutes.  She's eating and drinking and I can't complain.  She has been relatively easy.  But I'm so exhausted from the events of the past several days! 

I received an email from one of my midwives and can only assume that they aren't overly concerned, or that there really isn't anything anyone can do for fetal arrhythmia.  Here is what the email said about the baby's heart, based on the ultrasound:

From the radiologist - "Intermittently detected arrhythmia, most commonly a prolonged pause between beats.  One episode of fetal tachycardia was documented with a transient heart rate of 242 BPM.  Apparently fetal tachycardia has been identified on clinical assessment.  By report, a fetal echocardiogram has been scheduled, and is pending."

From the midwife - "Your ultrasound looks normal!  I hear that you already have an echocardiogram scheduled to evaluate the fetal arrhythmia.  Let us know if you have any questions."

The order for an echocardiogram has been put in but I was told they like to wait until about 22 weeks to do them, so they haven't actually called to schedule yet.  I'm 20 weeks today.  **sigh**  It's hard to know that things aren't quite right but not know the whys and whats.  This wasn't a problem in December (last time I was seen by a midwife).  So, what happened between then and now? 

So, that's the update on things here.  I'm looking forward to naptime!


organizam said...

Right now, it's a beautiful morning in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe and I'm thinking of you and your beautiful girls. Just hold on, Jamie, don't worry. I'm sending kisses and best wishes!

alissa apel said...

Congrats on the baby to be! How exciting!

My sister is expecting in May. I don't know how she'll do with 4, one being special needs and totally reliant

I so wish I would have had a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal. Maybe I would breathe better at night. There are great cases for it. I think it's good she got hers out.