Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I Was Poked and Prodded. A Lot.

Today started out normal. If only it had stayed that way.
The appointment with my midwife also started out very routine. Then when she examined my stomach she discovered that my baby is no longer head down, but at a diagonal. She said that basically if I went into labor, there’s a chance the baby’s shoulder would try to come out first, which is worse than breech. So, I had to go to the birthing center to have an OBGYN move my baby back into position.

He was a great doctor and it only took him a minute to move the baby. It didn’t hurt at all and I should have been able to just head home at that point. What made it a less than fun visit? Well, they wanted to put an IV in my hand (standard procedure for when you’re having your baby turned), but the nurses couldn’t get it in right. The doctor finally told them to forget about it since it wasn’t like he was turning a fully breeched or even sideways baby. But now I’m left with a very bruised paw.

And they had to monitor me for over an hour after the move because my baby had a high heart rate and wouldn’t stop moving around. I tried to explain that she’s been a very active baby for 4.5 months and that it was pretty normal. Nevermind I was staaaaaaaarving! Nope. I had to lay there while they tried to get a baseline heart rate for over an hour and my little stinker did the cha-cha the whole entire TIME. **sigh**

Needless to say, when they finally decided it must be normal and let me go, I ran over to Whole Foods and got two boxes stuffed full of salad, mac n cheese, turkey, roasted veggies and a lemon bar and gorged myself. 6 hours is a loooooong time for a pregnant girl to go without eating!

Also, though I’m 38 weeks tomorrow, I’m measuring 39.5 right now. I’m thinking that I should try some self inducing methods. Any suggestions you have will be considered EXCEPT castor oil! I tried that when I was 39 weeks with Ash. It was not pretty! And it didn’t work.


Anonymous said...

Aww man you look ready to pop, lol. I had to say it.
I have no advice for you cause I was induced with both of mine. They just love baking in the oven.
Someone told me to walk a lot, but I did even the day before I went in, walked up a hill and everything, it didn't work.
I guess they come when their good and ready.

Heidi said...

I hate it when they can't find a vein! Dude, I have had so many blown veins during the course of three pregnancies! Getting an IV put in was always my biggest fear, bigger than the c-sections themselves! Poor Jamie. It does sound like the little one is ready to make her debut; I'll keep you both in my prayers. :)

Emily Peck said...

Yuk - sorry you had to go through all that drama! The day before I went into labor with Sky, Josh and I went to Thai food and I got it as hot as it would go. Then, right after that, we went to Lowes and walked around the entire store for about an hour! That might do the trick! :)

Becky said...

I went into labor when Will took me for ride n his pickup on the freeway that was under construction. That was really bumpy! Good luck!

MommyMert said...

OH! I love the booda. Sorry about the drama at the dr and the iv. Hate that. I am surpised they didnt offer you anything to eat? Hmm... the biggest thing that seemed to work for us... delicately put.. expressing our physical appreciation for each other. ;) I would go for long walks too. That seemed to do the trick with 1 and 2. Cant wait to meet this Little Lady.

Amy said...

NOT cool!!!!
They should have let you eat!! My gosh if I had to go that long, I'd be clawing someone's eyes out until they gave me some french fries or something. But I'm just now getting to the end of my first trimester and if I don't eat, I am sick.
Glad they could turn the baby! Whew!
I had an I.V. blunder like that. The nurse put the needle in and didn't have the end tied off or something and blood squirted all down my hand. Pretty gruesome.
Good luck, lovely lady!!

Charmaine Poulin said...

Look at that beautiful belly!!! Achilles tendon.....get your hubby to rub it until it hurts.....worked for me...or it was just time.

alissa apel said...

I'm so glad the turning didn't hurt for you! When Mica was turned all the way around and they had to try and turn him, Travis said he could tell I was in pain. My eyes were dilated. One doctor was pushing down, while the other was pushing to turn. I was low on fluid and Mica was a long baby. Then they never got him to turn.

I hope your little baby stays put now! No turning back baby!

Your little bump is so cute! I bet you, your girls and hubby are all excited!

Pushing labor? My sister drank the caster oil, walked a ton, nipple stimulation and sex. Since I had c-sections, no pushing to go into labor.

I mentioned you here:

I'm thinking of you! :) I wonder if your next one will be a finger sucker and have black hair?

My Journey With Candida said...

Won't be long now.... you sure do look ready anytime.

Becca said...

It is just awful when they can't find your vein. I basically go through that every time they look for it. Good luck with inducing your look ready to give birth any day now ;)

Vicky said...

38 weeks alreaqdy. That has flown by.
I'm glad they took the time to turn you bubba, even if her antics kept you from food.
As for self induction... been there, tried that and nothing ever worked for me. Damn my late kids! Baylie took a sweep, a spicy kebab and a glass of wine at 9 days overdue!

AudreyO said...

I ate dinner with both of mine...a big filling dinner and then went into labor. I so dislike IV's :(

The Frat Pack + Me said...

oh, gosh! hang on until Friday and we will have children that share the same birthday...if you're okay with Friday the 13th! It became a lucky day for me 17 years ago! As for induction, I had luck, ahem, getting busy, if you know what I mean.