Monday, June 30, 2014

Today I Wrote a Review for "Unbound Enchantment."

I'm terrible at reviews and book reports but every once in a while something comes along that really needs me to weigh in.  Unbound Enchantment is one such book. 

(i received permission from the author to post this photo)

Written by Kara Jaynes, this story the first in a series of novellas.  And I'm hooked!  The setting is an intriguing one with forest dwellers and city dwellers, completely pitted against each other.  The city dwellers have luxury, science and education on their side, yet they are completely lacking in ethics and empathy.  The forest dwellers are rustic and choose to live in a more primitive manner, yet they have magical abilities and definite grasp of right and wrong and the importance of personal freedom.

The story is action packed from the beginning!  Both the female (from the forest) and male (from the city) protagonists are interesting and draw you into the adventure.  I don't want to go into detail about the storyline or characters.  Just know that they worth getting to know.  I couldn't put the book down so it's good it was a short story, because it's not like I've got oodles of time for leisurely reading.  I'm completely left wanting more and cannot wait until the 2nd book is published!


mun said...

Sounds like a very interesting story. I couldn't find this info online, how many books are there in this series?

alissa apel said...

I either get really into reading something, or can't get into it at all.

We just got back from a wk and 1/2 trip. I got through reading 3 Little House on the Prairie books to my boys. Well Mica read when I couldn't read anymore. I felt like we accomplished something.