Monday, December 13, 2010

Today I Looked At Lights.

We went to Garden D'Lights and Snowflake Lane in Bellevue this evening.  The girls got to stay up an hour and a half later than usual and did surprisingly well.  If you are anywhere near Seattle, I highly recommend both of these events.  We caught the garden on a free night, but it's only $5 per adult on other nights.  The Bellevue Botanical Garden people did an aMAZing job of decorating!  It was so fun to see the girls' eyes get all big as they took in the incredible displays. 

The lane is free and starts at 7pm every night.  Only lasts about 15 minutes, but soooooooooooo fun!  Loud Christmas music with lots of drum-playing toy soldiers, dancing snowmen, mice, polar bears and even  sugar plum fairies (more on that in a bit)!  As we were leaving, a cute toy solider stopped us to say hi to Ash and give her a candy cane tootsie pop (anyone know where I can get more of those?).  She was over the moon!  She had just met a "gabby" and then a red cheeked, smiley lady gave her CANDY!

Daddy & Britt-Britt.  Poor baby has a mean mother who stuffs her chubby head into hats that are too small.  Haha!

My favorite.

Me 'n my babies.  Tony told Ash to say cheese.  Hence, the cheeser-face.

Snowflake Lane.

This toy soldier was grooving to the music.  Hubster and I were both impressed by his dance moves on stilts!

Look at that happy little smile on Ash's face!  She was just really, REALLY thrilled to see this winged creature with the pretty purple dress and magic wand! 

I just wish I'd thought to snap a pic of the cute, sticky mess Ash was after she'd polished off her lollipop!  Haha!  Such a fun night. 

Oh, oh!  And it was pouring buckets all the way to Bellevue (which took a while due to traffic) but as soon as we got out of the car, the clouds parted and the raining stopped.  Hallelujah!



MommyMert said...

I am loving that cheesy face! :) haha! What a fun place. Glad you enjoyed. ps, cute hat. You look adorable.

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh! What a magical night!!! Love all of it, and your daughters are so precious!!

I grew up on that side of the Mountains and I've never heard of those festivities. I guess we didn't get out much on the Island.

Great pictures!!

Kristin said...

Kinda dying over that cheeser face. Too cute!

Myrnie said...

Great pictures! The girls look like they had so much fun!

Amy said...

How fun!! And so pretty! If I'm ever in the Seattle area for the holidays, I'll definitely check that out.
If you're ever in the Phoenix, Arizona area (first of all, you better let me know so we can do lunch!) during the holidays, you must go see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple.

I love going to see the lights every year! Makes it feel like Christmas!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oooh...wasn't Garden D'Lights amazing this year?! I loved that swan pond, too...but my brother in law said the fountain gave him vertigo. HAHA

Hrm...I might have to catch Snowflake Lane next week. I've lived here for AGES and never seen it!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! And I love the cheeser face!! We always go look at lights every year. Here's a few really nice neighborhoods in our neighboring cities, but there's one house in ours that does a whole light show with video and everything.

About the washer necklace...I was curious about the price too and I found that the letter stampers were only about $6.99 for the small ones we used and I'm pretty sure washer are inexpensive too. It was really fun to do.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

lovely photos! i love the cheese face! ;)
i don't usually brave the cold this time of year, but if it is for something like that - lights festival, i wouldn't mind!

KrystaRose said...

Oh my gosh the lights were beautiful! That is why I love Christmas so much. Looks like you had a lot of fun :)
Krysta Rose

Faith said...

the lights are gorgeous! my goodness! posts like these make me so excited for Christmas! you have such a beautiful family!

Redbabe said...

Nice! Nice Nice!... What a fun family outing! The picture of baby Brit in too small hat look simply too cute. Her grumpy face and all...hehehehe