Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today I Made Playdough.

I have discovered that giving the girls little busy things to do, keeps their moods on the upside.  I'm not saying I plan every single moment (I'd totally die), but just enough so that when they start bugging each other or whining or looking a little glassy-eyed, I can whip out an activity.  I looooooved this morning's busy-ness.  Ash and I have been focusing on the letter Aa.  We'll probably start Bb next week.  Today the girls helped me make Apple pie play dough.  It was super-duper easy and smelled really good.  I used a recipe I found at The Picky Apple.  We'll definitely be doing this again, maybe in a different color.

(britt, with a tear in her eye.  she's very back and forth emotionally.  turns it on and off just like a faucet.  always has.)

(i wonder if ash will ever look back at these childhood pics and wonder why they are all of her hair.  **laugh**  she's a very task-oriented little person.  can't get her to look at the camera for anything when she's busy.)

(elle in her bumbo.  not happy about it, but not screaming either.  she wants to be held all the time.  i try to indulge her as much as possible.)

And I just discovered the camera on my phone has some sort of glitch in it and when the photos download to my computer some of them are sideways and will NOT be fixed.  **grrrrrrrrr!**  So, the pics I'm sharing today are not my favorite, but at least you don't have to turn your head horizontally to look at them!

Let me know if you've got any great ideas for studying the letter Bb!  Crafts, books, activities, etc.  :)


My Journey With Candida said...

Playdough is so much fun for the kids. I used to make it and one day.... It got stomped into my carpet.... No more playdough inside the house.

alissa apel said...

I could see making things out of the letter B that start with B. I'm trying to think of things that will work. A butterfly with squares of tissue paper. It would be a side view, since you are just making 1/2 of one.

Another one could be to put a giant B on a page, cut out all kinds of instruments, let her glue them inside the humps to make a band. Then you could read about what a band is. Let her listen to different types of bands on YouTube. Then she'd learn about music and B at the same time.

Myrnie said...

Yum, what fun! Cocoa despised his bumbo till just a month or two ago...silly boy :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, the girls are so cute. I need to get some playdough. Do your kids put it in their mouth?