Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today I Turned Off the TV.

How do you feel about the television?  Do you have a show that is an absolute must-see?  Do you turn it on at night to veg?  Did you get rid of the TV from your home a long time ago?  

I could live happily without a TV (Internet is another story all together).  There are just too many shows and movies that are pointless time wasters.

My husband is pretty much addicted to watching shows.  We have a Netflix account and he's steadily working his way through everything they offer in the instant view area.  Ash is not far behind him in that TV love.  

When I turned off Spider-Man today, she cried.  Luckily she's easily distracted and when I made a huge circle with her toy train tracks, she got busy playing with that instead.  

I'm sure you've all read the studies that show how watching more than 2 hours of TV is actually really bad for your health, so I won't go into that (though it does concern me).  

 (i'm fairly sure i've shared this pic before but it was the only one i could find with a television in it.  taken during the summer of 2010.)

My guilt is wrapped around letting Ash watch that full 2 hours sometimes because it's nice to have the break (when Britt and Elle are napping too).  I really don't think it's good for her at all.  And I wish I could figure out ways to get my husband interested in a different hobby or two.  
So, where are you at when it comes to the TV?  Any suggestions on how to keep the tube in it's place (not a main source of entertainment for the family)?


Saimi said...

I could totally give up tv.

We actually did for awhile because we had so many shows we liked. We would DVR them so we could zip through the commercials but we got so backed up it was getting impossible to watch them all.

That's when we decided to give it up altogether.

We went over a year without t.v. then we started incorporating the computer. we plugged the computer into the t.v. and started all over again with a few shows.

After awhile we caved and got cable again along with the DVR.

Let's just say, I'm glad my shows are over for the season. It feels so liberating not feeling like I need to watch t.v.

Did that answer your question??

mun said...

I have replaced my TV time with Internet time although I don't know if it is any better.

When I was young, my father removed our TV in order to prevent us from being TV addict. Restricting our TV time did not work so the TV had to go. I don't know any other way to cure a TV addiction apart from removing the TV, sorry.

MommyMert said...

Actually, the tv drives me nuts, but I think its good too. I think its fine to let the kids watch a show during the day (especially when its nap time.) But they get a show and they have to agree or it gets turned off. Even Rae gets a baby Einstein during the day... I do a no tv day on Monday. Actually, no playing on phones, IPADS, no TV, NO Wii... etc.. We call it Funday Monday. I love it. Its more work for me, I have to plan stuff and I dont get quiet time to myself, but I think its really good for them. And me. I find that all the technology makes us anxious, bad at relations, and I think its great to take a break.

alissa apel said...

I like about 3 shows a week. Otherwise it could go bye bye. We don't have cable or any other extras.

Travis thinks that the boys watch too much TV at my parents house. I say, "They love them and are watching our kids. We can't be too picky." I grew up with it on all the time.

I do have to say that Mica must have learned his letters from Super Why, Word World and Wheel of Fortune. He picked up on them at age 2. My mouth sort of hung open when he'd just start spelling out signs as we'd drive. His preschool teachers were like, "You must really be working with him!" I was like, "Not with that."

Amy said...

We decided to keep the tv off until 6:30 (that's when Wheel of fortune is on! :))
But then there's whatever sitcom we have to see. Then Frasier is on and then Seinfeld, both shows my husband loves. I can do without Seinfeld. I've never really been able to get hooked on it. Seinfeld fans everywhere are now perishing at the thought.

I think it might be time for another "intervention." Too much tv!

My Journey With Candida said...

I never have the TV on in the daytime. I turn it on about 8 in the evening and watch it until about 10 or so, then I go to sleep.

Hubs is another matter. He watches it all day long, all night long. The noise can drive me crazy

Faith said...

Oh boy, ever since we got Netflix I've been so busy checking out what they offer. I know it is horrible but when I get into a show, I really get into a show.

So I have no advice to help but good luck!