Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today I Took a Personality Test.

Have you ever heard of the Color Code/People Code by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.?  Basically, he wrote this book with a test that you take.  The results of this test put you, mainly, within one of four categories: red, blue, yellow, and white.  All have strengths and all have weaknesses.  My husband is taking an inter-personal communications class and he was required to take the test.  He is a white-yellow.  I decided to take it too, for fun.  I am a red.  But only barely.  Not far behind my red-ness is a fairly equal amount of yellow and blue.  Almost no white here!  If you've never heard of this, I'm sorry for being confusing or excluding you.  Guess you'll just have to go look it up!  Basically reds are mover and shakers/bossy/power hungry people.  Blues are do-gooders/self-righteous/connector types.  Yellows are the fun loving/self-centered/charismatic ones.  And whites are the peace keepers/lazy/patient individuals.  I tried to find the test online.  I stumbled on a different sort of color test.  I'd say it's quite a bit less accurate than the color code test.  Entertaining, nonetheless.

See?  My highest scores were intellectual (which I SO am not!) and imaginative.  Ok.  I'll give it that.  I've got a great imagination.  It just doesn't spell out in any real creative way, so it's pretty much not that useful.  Decision-maker?  Yes.  Innovative? At times.  Well-thought?  I'd say 50-50.  All the low scores I can definitely agree with. 

This was also part of my test results (I'm not going to argue with them):

How you assert yourself :
In your relations with others,
your point of view and your decision-making are motivated by your inner conviction at 55%. Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account at 44%.

Your ideas
Your relations

Also, your actions are determined by your will and your personal goals at a ratio of 53%. In 46% of the cases you take into account your own sensibility and your partner’s.
Your will power
Your sensibility

Finally, your inspiration and your creativity, your artistic or spiritual impulse have an influence of 61%. Also your family and personal ties interfere at 38%.
Your inspiration
Your family

And this (sorry it looks so weird. it didn't copy and paste very well):

The qualities that characterize your personality at this time :

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Your intellectual performance.
at 21 % <> <> <>

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Your imagination.
at 20 % <> <> <>

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Your insights.
at 19 % <> <> <>

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Your energy.
at 19 % <> <> <>

<> <> <> <>
Your creativity.
you are creative, you know how to see beauty, you are intuitive and your inspiration comes from the inside.
at 18 %

Finally, you are open and good communicator, you know how to attract people and engage them, you are attuned to others and you show a good emotional intelligence, which allow you to give support to people.

So, if that test was accurate, you now have some more insights into who I am.  I will say that applying ideas and being creative don't feel like they come very easily to me.  And I'm pretty sure I am not deep.  I do see myself as being strong-willed, active (when motivated), goal-oriented, intelligent, and answer-seeking.  :)  Here is the link to this test so you can take it.  Let me know if you post your results! 

If you're interested in the Color Code you can find the book Tony has HERE.  Go check it out at the library, take the test, and let me know your score!  It's fun!  Yes, it is putting ourselves into categories.  I maintain that categorizing each other is a very innate part of being human.  Remember this post about the genderless baby?  :)  We WANT to know whether someone is male or female.  It's part of organizing each other....  Oh, I'm going to stop before  I get started again.  G'Night!


Myrnie said...

I loved taking these in b-school! I'm a blue-white, pretty evenly. Max is yellow, my hubby is blue, my mom is blue, my brother is WHITE, my dad is RED. Ha, fun stuff!!

Saimi said...

I've done this before and I'm a yellow/blue. We took this as a staff activity when our building hired a new principal. She has the red personality, let's just say I'm glad our program moved to a different school. Our principal we have now is wonderful!

Amy said...

I've done that test too. I'm a yellow/white or white/yellow, whichever.

My Journey With Candida said...

LoL..... It sure has you thinking doesn't it.

Have a great weekend!

alissa apel said...

I give my students a color personality test every year. I used to be more anal and organized before having kids. Now I'm more of a emotional, logical and researching person.

mun said...

Interesting personality test. I took the online test and my highest scores were decision-maker and manager.