Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today I Let the Repair Man into Our House.

We've been having issues with the dryer ever since we moved into this rental.  Clothes will randomly get caught between the barrel and the frame and they get blacken and chewed.  Luckily it's mostly the wash rags, tags, dryer sheets, underwear and color catchers that I have found hanging in there.  It was annoying but didn't really upset me until it ate one of Ash's brand new jumpsuits.  Put a hole in it.  Sooooooooooooo mad!  I told Tony to call the landlord and he did but I don't think either of them took me quite seriously. 
(so sad that she'll never wear this again!)
Until now.  :)  Too bad a load full of Tony's whites (including our sheets and some of my stuff) had to get completely covered in nasty black spots before this thing really got paid attention to.  If my mom reads this, she'll totally be nodding her head at this part.  Haha!
The repair guy said that the dryer is completely shot and that if the insides were metal instead of plastic it would have been making an awful screeching, scraping sound by now.  So, at this point, we get to wait for the landlord to decide whether he wants to buy expensive parts and repair it or just replace it.  Whatever he does, I hope it happens quickly!
And just for fun, a video of my precious baby, Elle.  Be sure to turn up the volume.  ;)


My Journey With Candida said...

I hope someone replaces that cute jump suit! I would be furious! MEN!! They think they know so much more than women.

Faith said...

That is awful! Such a cute little jumper too! Hope the landlord gets a brand new one! And seriously they should have listened to you!

mun said...

I hope you get a working dryer again. It happened to me before and our landlord was kind enough to get a brand new one so I hope your landlord gets you a new one too!