Monday, January 28, 2013

Today I Celebrated My Baby's Birthday.

Elle is a year!  We had a fun snowman-themed party for her with some friends.  Let the photo dump commence!  :D

(this was taken on elle's actual birthday.  we always do a candle in a muffin for breakfast and sing happy birthday, then open presents.)

(at her party. yes, i dressed her as a snowman.  her sash kept covering her button.)

(the decorations that i made.  "snow" out of pom-poms strung on thick thread and a banner out fabric and bias tape.  quick and easy.)

(we decorated little snowmen with toilet paper and winter accessories.  i had thought the older kids would like to decorate the younger kids, but the older ones wanted to be the snowmen!)

(elle was super excited about the toilet paper.  i usually take it away from her.)

(ash, the snowman)

(elle wasn't a big fan of her top hat headband.)

(i like big bows and i cannot lie.)

(we also made snowmen out of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, frosting, toothpicks, chocolate chips and orange tictacs.  the ones made with three marshmallows didn't stay standing for very long.)

(the food.  i really wanted the bagels to look like this but we ran out of time.  that snowman cake looked better in my head...)

(ash enjoying her snacks.)

(i think this was elle's first time eating pretzels.)

(she was so excited about everyone singing to her.  britt blew her candle out for her.)

(opening presents.)

(one of her presents was a hooded towel.  she loves it.)

 (i had a lot of fun putting the favors together.  i drew faces on the candy bar, lollipop, and gum.   tony made the labels for the play-doh, bubbles and tictacs.  and i glued shapes on the juice boxes to make faces.)

(seriously?  where did the time go??  it didn't feel long enough to be a year.)


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Cutest little birthday girl and cutest birthday party!!!

Saimi said...

You are a rocking sockin mama!! What an AWESOME Birthday theme!!!

Very 'cool' very cool indeed!!

Faith said...

What a neat idea for a birthday party!

And seriously! A year already?! She is so beautiful!

MommyMert said...

Such a cute idea. Happy Birthday Little Lady!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elle. Time flew by so quick. The party looked amazing.

mun said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elle! What a great idea for a party - decorating snowman. Elle looks so happy. I love her photos where she was laughing and smiling away. Great party by super mommy. Well done mommy! :)

Jennifer W said...

I love the Snowman Themed bday party!!! So cute! Your girls are adorable!

Nita Digirolamo said...

Aww. Little Ellie looks adorable, especially in her birthday dress! :-) And yes, how time flies by so fast. One minute, they were your cute, little angels running around the place; the next thing you knew, they are all grown-up and taking over the world. That is why it important to cherish every moment – like their b-days for instance. ^_^ [Nita Digirolamo]