Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today I Made a Snowman. Girl.

We live in Iceburg.  The snow has been on the ground for years, like Narnia during the rule of the White Witch.  Well, it feels like it.  And yet, this is our first snowman of the year.  A little slow, I know.  :)

(their funny, little poses crack me up)

Ash and Britt were surprisingly successful in the making of our, girl.  I asked Ash if it was a boy or a girl and she said girl.  Works out well since all of our winter accessories are pretty gender specific.

(pom-pom tasting)

Elle was not very impressed.  Her snow boots are stupid.  I'm pretty certain her feet weren't all the way down in them, even though they are two sizes two big.  The fun ended when she decided to fall face forward onto the concrete during the two seconds that I looked away from her.  **face palm**

She got a cute, heart shaped scrape on her nose from it. 


SkyMommy said...

Snowman, or snowwoman rather, making is the best. I look forward to doing it with my kiddo when he's old enough. What did you use for the eyes? They're perfect.

My Journey With Candida said...

That picture with the girls and the snowman... I mean girl is adoreable. Too bad Elle wasn't in it too. LOL ... they are posing like they know what they are doing. I am thinking maybe future models!!

alissa apel said...

Awww cute! I love their Snowgirl and their snow gear!

The face plant deserves a picture. Especially if it's heart shaped.

mun said...

Ahhh, your three girls are so so so cute! I want to build a snowman too!

Faith said...

They are adorable! I love their little poses too!

Poor Elle. Hope that she doesn't equal bruising to snow.

Lea Hunt said...

Awe, I love your pics. I miss building snow men with my boys ... Sweet girls :)