Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today I Thought About My Dream (One of Them).

Do you have a dream?  Or several dreams?  Obviously I am the momma of a Rapunzel-obsessed preschooler because just typing out those questions hits the play button in my head and now "I've got a dream, I've got a dream, I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!  And with every passing hour, I'm so glad I left my tower.  Like all you lovely folks, I've got a dream!" bouncing around in my brain.



Anyways, I have several dreams.  But I'm talking about one in particular.  I dream of living in a tiny house.  Yep.  You read that right.  A couple weeks ago I read, "You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too" by Tammy Strobel.  I highly recommend it.  I was immediately enlightened and realized that she was telling me about something I'd wanted for years without even knowing it. 

In her book, Tammy talks about how she pared down her possessions to only the necessities.  It was a long process, and then she and her husband built and moved into their own tiny house on wheels.  They also got rid of both of their cars, joined a car sharing service, but mostly ride their bikes.  **swoon**

Can you imagine not having car payments?  Or a huge house to clean?  Or millions of items to organize and store?  Or a ginormous mortgage?  I'm in love with the idea of minimalist living.  I'm in love with the idea of living in a tiny house.  I'm in love with the idea of not having to waste hours everyday cleaning and organizing things that ultimately don't make me or my family any happier (or feeling guilty because I didn't clean or organize said items). 

I actually got rid of over 10 garbage bags full of things, before the kids and I got sick.  And I can't even tell.  My house is not any easier to keep up.  So - I have a lot more to do.  But it feels good.  I feel great when donating items.  I feel awesome selling my stuff too, because I'm making some pocket money and still helping others out with my killer deals.  ;)


And someday, we're going to live in a tiny house (not on wheels) with a 5 foot tall, finished crawl space for food storage and seasonal items.  We'll have enough land for a garden, a couple fruit trees, and space for the girls to run and play their imaginative games.  I'll never talk Tony into giving up our car but maybe I can talk him into remaining a one vehicle family. 

That is my dream.


alissa apel said...

Did the family that lived in a tiny house on wheels have 3 kids? Our house is medium sized. We only have one bathroom, 1 car garage, but we do have 3 bedrooms. Sometimes I wish we had 2 bathrooms and a 2 car garage. Travis would use the other garage for making sculptures.

Sean Marie said...

This woman kinda sounds like me, but I don't live in a tiny house and have no car by choice. ;)

I don't feel the need for a lot of stuff but sometimes I wish I had more space for my growing family!

mun said...

I am sure you will achieve your dream one day. I just downsize from a 5-bedroom 4-bathroom house to a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom house. Now I am working on minimizing my possessions.

My Journey With Candida said...

I live in a big house and would have to really get rid of some junk before I could ever think of living in a small house. It is a GREAT dream though!!

Faith said...

Our house is pretty tiny (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) and we're a one car family. I love it right now but we don't have kids so this might change one day.

I've been giving away clothes and it actually has felt good. I don't know it I'll ever be a true minimalist but there is something nice about not having much to hold you down.

Amy said...

Go. Live your dream. :)

I don't want a huge house. I just want enough house.
Can't get rid of the cars though. But we don't have car payments. The cars are ours! That's the way we roll.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Such a good dream! We all truly would be happier with less stuff.

Mika said...

"I actually got rid of over 10 garbage bags full of things, before the kids and I got sick. And I can't even tell."

I can totally relate. We got rid of a whole skip worth of stuff...but unfortunately could probably do with getting rid of another skip worth. *sigh*

Around that time, I did dream about what it would be like if we had less stuff and relied on living off the land and the land to entertain us.

Why do we need all this stuff, and why is it so hard to let go of?! Let me know if you get the answer ;)