Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today I Did Valentine-y Activities.

Yesterday one of my friends texted me, asking for a play date.  :)  This means we get our kids together to play while we gab our jaws off at each other.  It's fun.  Except the part where we have to keep our 2 year olds from maiming each other.  Hoping the social skills and getting along come soon...

We thought it would be fun to plan a couple Valentine themed activities for our girls (she has 2).   So, I made sugar cookies and she made frosting.  I supplied the sprinkles (because I hoard them).  And she also brought a bunch of pretty paper strips and showed us how to make a super cute, easy hearts garland.  I found a tutorial here, if you're interested. 

(elle.  haha!  she's got cookie stuck in her nose and teeth!)
(the girls helped me make this)
Have you done anything fun and valentine-y lately? 



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Your heart garland turned out super cute, but not as cute as your helpers!

alissa apel said...

Looks like fun! It's good you can have a play date + you like the mom. It looks like they really loved your cookies!

We did a few things. I blogged about them. If you want to see our Valentines stuff go check it out.

Saimi said...

Ah your darling pictures bring back so many memories for me. I miss those days!! I love the garland!

MommyMert said...

Love those babies faces. They really are so sweet. Helped in both kids classes today. WhewEE I am tired.

My Journey With Candida said...

The cookies look yummy.... Love the garland you did.

Those girls get cuter every time I see them

mun said...

Britt looks so demure in the photo in her red dress. How nice to have valentine-y activities. When I was young, all I do during valentine's day is making valentine cards for loved ones, never made cookies nor garland for valentine before.