Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today I Let My Daughter Choose.

This is Britt, sportin' her new hair do.  I took her over to my friend's house (who also happens to be my hair dresser) and had her chop Britt's hair short.  I just think it fits the shape of her face so well, not to mention that it also goes along with her sassy personality too!

Then, today, Ash found a pic in a magazine that she must have found inspiring and decided that she wanted her hair cut too.  She talked about it for over an hour.  I have to admit that, initially, I tried everything I could think of to convince her to just leave her pretty, long hair alone!  Then I realized that I was being silly.  And controlling.  And I don't like controlling people.  And it's not like she was asking to to shave her head or put neon green streaks in it, for heaven's sake!  **deep breath**

I realized that I needed let go and act on what I believe.  I believe that we were sent to this earth by a loving Heavenly Father to learn to make choices.  And though my job IS to teach her what is right and wrong and guide her into good paths, and put my foot down when she wants to do something that hurts herself or others, I also need to let her make her own choices.  Like, the majority of the time.  How else will she learn about consequences to her own choices?  Not because I told her to or not to.  I realized that if she hates it, she'll learn to be more cautious when making snap decisions about her appearance.  And if she loves it, she'll gain self esteem because SHE made a good choice.  

Voila!  Cute little, matching English girls!


Yes, I think she's beautiful.  They both are.  Yes, I miss her long hair already.  But, hair grows.  Yes, I am so proud of her.  She's getting so big and really is a good helper with her sisters.  **tear**


Rachel said...

They look so good!!!! You have some gorgeous little girls!

I loved this post. Sometimes I forget to let my boys make choices that should be theirs to make. Thanks for the reminder to let go. :)

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh, she looks adorable, Love, love the hair!!!

mun said...

Both of them look really good with their hair short. Ash made a good choice.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You did the right thing. They could NOT look cuter. Seriously adorable, adorable, adorable.

Faith said...

What a great thing you did allowing her to choose!

They are so beautiful! She chose well :)

mun said...

Both of them are so adorable with sassy short hair. In allowing Ash to make her own decision, she will become a better and better decision maker when she grows up. Good for you!

alissa apel said...

They both look super cute! Somehow I missed this post.

Are you back on blogger? I thought you switched to Wordpress.