Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today I Smell Good.

Hahaha!  Funny title, I know.  Hopefully I smell good every day.  For someone who collects perfume, soap, candles, body wash, etc I'd better be smellin' pretty! 

It's true.  When I see something that pleases my olfactory senses on sale, I buy it.  It's gotten pretty ridiculous.  I would do a body wash giveaway if it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg in postage.  And I can't do a perfume giveaway because it's illegal to send it through USPS.  Boo!  I have sooooooo much stuff! 

I've picked out four items to include in this little giveaway of great smelling goodies.

Left to right: San Francisco Soap Company Shower Gel in Cherry Blossom, Thymes Body Creme in Kimono Rose, Tyler Candle Company Candle in Sugarbaby, and Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial Gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom. 

6.5 ounces of yumminess!  And all in all worth around $10.  But of course I didn't pay full price!  ;)

This is the second to last of my summertime giveaways!

To enter, just be a follower and leave a comment.  Open internationally, of course and will end Tuesday evening (August 16th). 

You guys are awesome.  It has made me so happy to be able to send all these fun little things to old and new friends.  Have a great weekend!


mun said...

MMmmmmmmm, I can smell the great smelling goodies from here!

JoshuaRyan863 said...

Followed you :)

SUGAR BABY CANDLE! If only they made eatable candles... Hate buying candles that smell so good that you cant eat. :( lol

I really miss the old Bath & Body and The White Barn! The old supplier for White Barn had orgasmic scents! I think the new suppler for Bath & Body and White Barn is of lesser quality yet still better then overall company's... Whats up with that?

Thanks for awesome giveaway, I could really use that sexy candle come this winter... I am all out of delicious Body Wash & Lotion. Been getting by with Suave O_o


JoshuaRyan863 said...

Oh, Yes you can send perfume through USPS! I have received atleast 5 different perfumes in the past month VIA USPS...

Maybe it has changed... I never knew you couldn't send perfume USPS... I know you cant carry it on the plane with you.

I would think online perfume companies would not have such business if it was the case... You can still ship Fedex or UPS and cost about the same as USPS?

Faith said...

ooooh what a great smelling giveaway! i want to smell good too!! :)

Vicky said...

Ooh, I want to smell good too. x

Rachel said...

I find that I rarely smell "pretty" anymore. Chasing my two boys will do that to you, I guess. I want to smell pretty again!