Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today I Mulled Over My Many Inspirations.

Day 16 of the 30 Day Challenge:  A picture of someone who inspires you. 

I draw my inspiration from so many different people and sources.  How could I ever choose just one?

Well, I think I'll go my sister-in-law.  I happen to have a cute picture of her with newborn Britt. 

Britt w her aunt

This lovely lady is a mother of three (soon to be four!) and is the kind of mom and wife and woman that I am working to be someday!  I'm sure a lot of her skills are natural-born talent, but the awesome thing about her is she is constantly adding to her increasingly long list of abilities.  Shall I list some of her awesomeness?  She is a wonderful cook, gives a killer haircut, is organized and clean, keeps her figure svelte, throws great parties, has amazing people skills, and always looks gorgeous and put together. 

See why I feel inspired by her?  She's a Super Mom!

Who inspires you?


Amy said...

Kindof sounds like one of those people you want to dislike but it's impossible to because she's so dang sweet!

She sounds like a lovely person and very much someone to look up to!

blueviolet said...

She's inspiring me now too! She's really pretty also.

alissa4illustration said...

With as much complaining as I've been doing, you'll be surprised I'm saying this. My youngest sister Terra really inspires me. I've always felt the closest to her. She usually is the decision maker in their house, the gardener, the one that strives to be healthy green, sews, cooks, she walks her son to school almost everyday and watched my two kids on top of her own.

I think because she can do all these things and I look up to her; that's what's made her situation so hard for me to figure out. I want my super mom/sister/aunt back again. I miss her.

alissa4illustration said...

Oh and how great that your super mom is prego at the same time as you!!!!!! Even if they are months apart or opposite sexes, it will still be fun to share stories and watch them grow together.

Faith said...

she sounds lovely! i want to be like her when i grow up! :)

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

i think you have mentioned her to me before - the mom who is always put together - herself and her home!
women like that inspires me too.