Monday, August 1, 2011

Today I Filled Up Water Balloons.

And I learned playing water balloon toss with toddlers is a very short game.

Water Balloons
(not a photo that I took.  credit goes to this source.)

It went something like this:

Me - "Alright.  Here.  Catch the water balloon!"


Me - "It's ok.  We've got more.  Catch this one!"


Me - "Oh well.  Here we go.  Catch!"


Me - "Stand a little closer.  I've got another one.  Here you are!"


Me - .......  Well, that was fun!  I guess I'll go fill up some more water balloons now."

Kids - **jumping up and down**  "YAY!!!!"

Haha.  Filling up the balloons takes five times longer than our game of "catch."

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Christy said...

Even with older children, the game is so much faster than the filling of the balloons! Why hasn't someone come up with an easy way to fill water balloons?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny! Don't you just love when the set-up of something takes longer than the actual "doing" part? (insert sarcasm here) But I'm it was totally worth it!

alissa4illustration said...

Ha Ha! I think I did that with Mica last year, so I can relate!

It still is fun, and your girls enjoyed it by jumping up and down! Maybe next year the balloons will last longer.

*Mica still won't catch. He ducks and he'll be 6 on Aug 10. He probably ducks because Isaak chucks toys at him! :(

Vicky said...

Ha Ha.
Don't feel bad, my girls are older and still couldn't catch a cold!

Faith said...

hahahaha, too funny. kids are so precious, i love it!

Redbabe said...

hahahahahaha.... still entertaining nevertheless.