Friday, May 9, 2014

Today I Cleaned Up Messes.

Elle has never been a particularly easy child, but when she started walking, she did become more pleasant and happy about life.  Actually, when I got pregnant with this currently cooking baby, all three of my girls were going through really nice, relatively calm phases.  For Elle and Britt it was the calm before the storm. 

Elle turned two and overnight became a little bull in the china closet.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that she breaks, destroys or makes a royal mess out of at least three things a day.  I honestly judged other friends when their kids were continually breaking stuff before I had a two year old Elle.  I thought they weren't being strict enough or something.  Nope.  That certainly came back to bite me in the butt!  Elle isn't always purposefully trying ruin and break things, but it's becoming very common to hear her say, "I bake it."  And she's not talking about cooking. 

Today I decided to send Tony a text every time she did something "naughty" (he usually hears about it all later in the evening).  

Here are the texts I sent: 

Elle recently covered every single page in a brand new library book with blue permanent marker.  It cost me $16 to replace.   So - if you have been wondering what I've been up to (besides growing a little person inside of myself), you now know that I've been trying, in vain, to keep up with my very busy, energetic two year old.

Britt has been going through a rough patch (ever since getting her tonsils out in February) and has reverted to screaming, tantrums and fit throwing.  Instead of communicating through rational conversations.  I'm not the most tolerant with such behavior so we're all working on patience together.  At least she does a pretty good job of making me laugh by playing the clown when she's in a good mood.  She's the biggest goof ball ever!

Ash has been taking on more responsibilities and enjoying it.  I can't even tell you how grateful I am that she (usually) enjoys helping and being "big."  I set her up with a sticker chart so she can do extra chores and working towards earning a doll or whatever else she covets at the moment.

I'm on the home stretch.  Due the first part of July.  The baby doesn't appear to have any more heart issues (soooo thankful!!).  I have gotten HUGE, which isn't any fun.  I crave lightly salted rice cakes constantly.  Elle is kind of obsessed with them too.  She calls them "cakes."  We went to the store to stock up and she was pretty stoked.  :)

So, that's us at the moment!


mun said...

Good to hear that the baby has no more heart issues. Reading your posts made me realize that parenting is such a challenging job but rewarding.

alissa apel said...

I'm glad you and your baby are healthy.

Just remember that kids go through stages. I kept telling myself with Isaak, "This to shall pass!"

My boys never broke too many things. I think Travis has broken as much as them. He threw a ball in the house, and knocked over a lamp. :( But both boys at that 2 year stage went through a crying phase. When I picked them up at my parents each (during that time) would kick and cry the whole way home. It was a 20 minute drive of screaming crying. I'm pretty sure they didn't want to be in the car for 20 min. I'm also sure they didn't have naps at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I thought I was messing up as a mom. Now they are fine, and have different challenges.

Both boys are helpful, but Mica is in a lazy stage. He can do a lot, but sneaks away to build with Legos, or read. I'm all for reading, but he's lazy at family cleaning times and swimming lessons. We pay money for him to go swimming, and I just don't know if we keep him in to show you have to work at things, or pull him out. There's always something. My nephew that's Mica's age is lazy right now to. I'm hoping it's an age thing.