Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today I Want to Turn Back Time.

Gone are the days of a cuddly, peaceful baby!  **sniff**  This little girl is now on the move and bounces back and forth between being happy and pleased with her new found independence, and sad and frustrated with not progressing as fast as she'd like.  Today has been a particularly fuss-filled day. How did this baby get to this point sooooooooooo quickly???  My oldest three did not grow so fast, I swear.

Here is Tate.  These pics were taken at 7 months.  She's 8 months now.  :)


organizam said...

Tate has 3 role models, thats why she's so advanced :D congratulations, so cuuute!

alissa apel said...

She's so cute! She looks a lot like her sisters.