Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I'm Going to Tell You the Story of How I Acquired So Many Siblings.

I am the oldest of 20. 

I have 20+ siblings if you count the marrieds.

It happened like this:

My parents had me in their mid twenties.  I was so awesome they decided to have more.  My other biological brothers and sisters followed over the next 18 years.  That's how old I was when Sam came along.

Dad said that if Sam had been the first, he would've been the last (and only).  Haha!  He was beyond colicky. 

Anyways, it was really awesome to grow up with so many people.  My parents had 10 biological kids (1 set of twins).  It was never boring and we're all pretty close.

When Sam was around 5, my parents discovered Adoptions Advocates International through a friend.  They felt very strongly that they had children in Ethiopia.  It's not an easy (or inexpensive) process, but that did not deter them and two girls joined our family.
Then a boy. 

Then a set of 18 month old triplets (now THAT was crazy!!!). 

Then a brother and sister set. 

Now Mom, Molly, and Sam are in Ethiopia picking up a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl (they are not blood related). 

To say that my parents feel this is their calling is an understatement.

It's pretty amazing.

(picture of one of my little sisters, taken almost four years ago)

One more thing, kind of funny.  One of the triplets calls herself "Opian."  How stinkin' cute it that??  :D

Credit to CK for reminding me to tell how I ended up with such a large amount of siblings.


Faith said...

your parents are amazing! that is beyond incredible what they have done!

Vicky said...

Your Mom and Dad are either saints or beyond crazy. Lol! My kids drive me round the bend and I've only got 3 (Ian & the baby don't count!)!
Hope everything is going smoothly for them in Ethopia. x.

Stephanie Faris said...

I grew up with only a sister and stepsister...but I've always wondered what it would be like to be part of a big family. Your parents are very special people.

alissa4illustration said...

Oh boy that is a lot of siblings! Has your parents ever had any problems with connecting to them?

I only have two.

Well my mom had another that was a Trisomy 18 baby before we were born that passed away only after 2 weeks. Her heart just stopped beating.

My oldest sister is adopted. She has white skin and red hair. She used to tell people she was from China. LOL She got sick of people asking about her heritage when she knew nothing about it.

My adopted sister found her biological family in the early 2000's. Her mom was on her death bed, and didn't tell her. She didn't want her siblings to meet her because they didn't know about her. She ended up looking for her Dad's obituary papers online, and found her mom's! She has 6 siblings, most of which are older then my parents. They were all really excited to meet her! So I have a sister's sister, and sister's brother's. I always tell them that they should go on some talk show! Imagine being pregnant and hiding it from that many kids!

My younger sister is biological. She looks a lot like me.

Amy said...

Unbelievable and wonderful. I'm so glad all these sweet children get to have a loving family in the gospel.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

wow! that is a lot of siblings!
your parents are great people! you and your siblings are so lucky. I hope everything goes well with the adoption of your 2 new siblings.

Kimberly said...

Such a wonderful story and beautiful family you have!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Wow, that is wonderful Your parents are amazing!

Redbabe said...

That is a noble thing your parents is doing. Thanks for sharing your story too. After reading your entry 'requesting for prayers', I was looking hi and lo for that entry of your siblings photos just to count the total number of siblings you have. Only to realise later that u already blogging about it on your next entry.

Your parents house would be so merry & full of people at all time (not just on festive season). I can imagine how fun it is to grow up in such an environment. With all the love & support there are, one will never feel totally alone. :) Happiness or sorrow, can all be shared out. :)

I have zero siblings. Can you imagine what I have missed? Lols...

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Wow! That is amazing, as are your parents!

CK said...

Ok. This is an AMAZING story. When I was 12 years old I lived in Quito Ecuador with my parents. My mom volunteered regularly at a local orphanage and we fostered children from there occasionally. I remember one day working in the infant's room, holding one of those specially little babies and vowing, "some day I will adopt one of you little guys and provide you with a real place to call home." Fast forward years later, I was in college working as an intern at a hospital and orphanage in Romania. I saw so much heartache and so much abandonment. The night my husband asked to marry me, hugs and kisses and excitement had died down a bit, I gently reminded him that I have always felt an inner calling to some day adopt or foster children into my own home. He was very supportive of the idea then and still seems rather supportive of the idea. But timing is a huge BIG question I keep pondering over and over and over. With a BA in Social Work, I know a little bit about the adoption process and I understand and have seen a lot of issues inside adoptive/foster homes. I know I've got to follow my instinct and make it all a matter of prayer. But sometimes when I think about the whole adoption process and I freak out a bit. I've always wanted to be open to adopting siblings but sometimes I am intimidated by the idea of just ONE more child in my home.
But then I hear of this story of 10 kids adopted!! And you guys seem to be doing great and seem close as a family! Wow, I'm amazed.
For now I will do my duty, raising my very little ones but some day we'll dive into the adoption process and it will be fascinating to see what God has in store for us and the adventures that will follow.
Thank you SO much for sharing!!!