Monday, January 17, 2011

Today I Celebrated MLK Day.






a fabulous day! 

Sure wish I'd remembered the camera.  I'll just have to paint a picture with my words.  :) 
We snacked on the peanut butter m&m's (my fave) while we were in the car (we were in the car a lot).  I really shouldn't have given any to Ash (due to her milk and soy intolerances), but she said "please" so nicely and what cruel mama is gonna nosh on candy in front of her kid without sharing?  She got pretty hyper from the food coloring.  Hehe. 

We went to listen to a lecture, at the Washington State History Museum, by Ana Maria Spagna, award-winning author of Test Ride on the Sunnyland Bus: A Daughter’s Civil Rights Journey.  Tony got extra credit for his communications class for going.  I'll be honest, I heard enough to peak my interest, but I spent most of my time trying to keep a tired Britt-Britt happy.  I'll have to read the book.  This is my opportunity to just say how grateful I am for Martin Luther King, Jr. and the many, many others (those known and those not given any credit) who worked to make it possible for my siblings to be treated with kindness and respect and equality regardless of the shade of their skin. 

If you live in the area, make sure you go to this museum.  I'd call it a hidden gem.  I had no idea it was there and it was actually really good!  Babies make it harder to fully enjoy, but we did our best.  Gregoire (our governor) may cut the funding for this museum, so now is the time to run to Tacoma and go.   You may not get to see it again after July of this year.

We ended our outing with lunch/dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.  Not as good as it has been in the past, but it was quality time with the Hubby and Ash.  Britt was passed out asleep - Hallelujah!

Actually, all three of us girls were sleeping when Daddy pulled us into the driveway at home.  Haha! 

How did you celebrate today?


Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I love that you celebrated the day with food, fun and a little education. Sounds like the hyperness via food dye was worth it! :)

Amy said...

Me and Bret went shopping on MLK day. Got to spend my Downeast Basics gift card! And I looked around for some new brown heels. Couldn't find any. Seriously, what is it with these shoe stores? Do they hate brown heels? What do they have against brown heels??

And I just have to say, I agree with what you said about Martin Luther King Jr. and everyone else who has made a difference in our world today. So grateful for equality!

Meg said...

We took advantage of the day off to try making homemade donuts. Yum!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

i think it's so sad that your governor wishes to cut funding on something historically meaningful. but i guess, decisions has to be made. i'm glad you experienced going there...