Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today I Scooped Up A Fallen Baby (over and over).

Britt is feeling better. We still have 9 more days of forcing medicine down her throat (makes her extremely angry), but she had a semi-normal day. She did I lot of pesting her big sister, gleaning edibles off the sofa and floor (she dumps everything out of her bowl because it's more fun to eat that way!), and practicing her walking (and falling). She currently in my lap right now because she just fell and bumped her head on the shoe bench.

She took her first steps on the 28th of December and has been improving every day since. Go Britt!


Myrnie said...

Awww.... :) I think that's the cutest thing I've seen all day!

alissa4illustration said...

I hope she feels better really soon!

It's so cute when they first start walking. They remind me of E.T. walking.

Redbabe said...

Seeing that video makes me feel all warm n fuzzy :) good job baby Britt!

Elizabeth said...

That was precious. What a great way of getting her to practice her walking. Hope she is feeling better soon so she doesn't have to take anymore icky medicine.

Have a wonderful day!

Vicky said...

Nothing in your house in safe now! Glad she is starting to feel a little better though. x.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

OH, That was awesome! You go Brit. Always love to see them try to walk to their very first steps.
And great trick too.