Friday, January 28, 2011

Today I Had a Couple of Echos.

Britt will now say "Ah" and "Buh" if I use those sounds while talking to her.  It's pretty darn cute. 

Ash is also repeating everything I say.  It's bringing me back to the days when I was a kid and my brother would copy everything I said. 

Me: "Do as I say."

Matt: "Do as I say."

Me: "No, not like that."

Matt: "No, not like that."

Me:  **growl**

Matt:  **growl**

 Me:  "Stop copying me!"

Matt:  "Stop copying me!"

Me:  "Stoooooooooooooop!"

Matt: "Stooooooooooooooop!"

Me: "You are so annoying!"

Matt: "You are so annoying!"

Me: **thinking**  **smiles**

Me:  "Matthew is a poop"

Matt: "Matthew is a....HEY!"

Anyways, I have a little echo.  It's cute though.  Not annoying.  She calls herself "Ada" but says Britt's name almost perfectly, even getting the "r" in there sometimes.  I thought I'd post another list of of her current pronunciations.  Some of them are borderline embarrassing.  Hehe.

Ity = Itchy

Ma-ee = Mommy

Da-ee = Daddy

Hap = Help

Poot = Pooped

Eeeps = Ooops

Gabby = Tinker Bell

Bish = Fish

Mouse = Mouth (and mouse)

Bugga = Bug

Piss = Chips

Mo-ee = Movie

Rock/Rog = Frog

Mokie = Monkey

Gog = Dog

Cheesh = Cheese

Owange = Orange  (just so you know, I pronounce orange with two syllables, not one - so Ash does too)

Little kids are so funny when they talk!  I want to remember these things always.  What were some of the funny words or pronunciations your child used?


Amy said...

Hahahaha!!! So cute. I'm so glad you documented this! I love it when little kids learn to talk, it is definitely the cutest, most entertaining thing in the world.

My brother used to copy me too. Except if I tried to say "Ricky is a poop" he'd just change it to "Amy is a poop."

I just wasn't as clever I guess.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

My sister and I did the echo-thing too, to annoy each other! LOL Memories ...
I think it's so cute that Ash is learning all those words and repeating you. The next thing you'll know, she's talking in sentences like words exploded from her, and it will happen so quickly, you'll have no clue how it all happened.
My 4-year old was a late talker. I even brought him for speech development, then I pull him out because I decided we will just wait for when he decides to talk. Then the next thing we know he started repeating the Navigation System - "turn left", "turn right". It was really funny! Now I can't get him to shut up! But at 4-years-old-nearing-5, he still can't say 'Yellow'. It's 'Lellow' for him. Sigh!

Meg said...

My favorites right now are "Peese, Mom-mom," Meese = Movies, Danties = blankie, and my older daughter still calls cupcakes "Pupcakes." I love it.

Myrnie said...

What a cutie :) My oldest used gmaaaah for everything: cold, outside, ketchup, yoshi sauce, cold food.

tattytiara said...

How do you not die from cute? They are so precious at that age!

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

I love this little vocab log! Adorable.

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for entering my give a way..your blog is really cute and fun! Come say hi any time. ;D

Mrs. K said...

I don't have a kiddo yet but these are so cute. You must video record them. I love it.

Redbabe said...

These are so cute. Can't wait till I have my own kids!

Vicky said...

you'll appreciate that list when shes older and can talk properly, because you'll remember all the cute little thinkgs she said.
Some might stick. Rabbits are called bungoes at my nans house because my aunt used to call them that when she was little (almost 50 years ago and the tradition is still going strong). x