Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I'm Hoping For A Good Night's Sleep.

Britt and I both have a cough.  That dry, itchy, nagging cough that usually means you're at the tail-end of a cold (yippee!), but could drag on for a while (bummer).  It attacks at night and especially when you lay down in bed.  It takes me forever to get to sleep. 

And poor Britt is woken up by hers throughout the night (which means I am too).  Anybody know how to relieve a baby's cough?  The cough syrup I have is natural but honey-based so she can't have it until she's a year.  I'm still nursing her so I don't want to take anything strong for myself. 

I end up popping a cough drop after falling into bed, but that only offers temporary relief and if I don't fall sleep right away, I need another one.  The scary thing is that sometimes I fall asleep with the cough drop in my mouth.  I'm afraid I'm going to choke to death on one someday! 

Did I mention that Britt is sleeping in our room so I have to smother my face in the comforter while coughing, so as to not wake her?  Yeah.  Any suggestions on this topic will be desperately tried out with gratitude!

I wish I could fall asleep quickly and sleep as soundly as the girl in this video.  :)


Kevin and Kristen said...

I hear ya! We all have that same cough too. I wish I had some help for you, cause we're looking for it too.

Meg said...

A humidifier might help your baby.

Vicky said...

Poor you and Britt. I had the same thing a few weeks ago and it lasted for ages, and like you only at night. Ria's got it now and has been off school for 3 days so far.

1st thing I do when the kids or I am ill is to get out the vitamin C. 1500mg a day while you are ill. You'd have to check to see if it was ok whilst breastfeeding but its really does work a treat. If your not, drink lots of orange juice or make a hot sweet lemon and ginger drink.

Breastmilk is best for britt, so try to feed more while she's ill.

Thats my 2 pennies worth.
Hope you all feel better soon. x.

Faith said...

awww, i hope you both get better soon and that you can get a good nights rest.

i wish i knew what to relieve a baby's cough but i know that tea, lemon and honey works wonders for adults.

feel better soon.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

when matthew, my 4-year old have coughing spells, i apply vaporub on his feet and put some socks on him. I do this too on myself when I am coughing hard. I swear, it works wonders.
This might work for you but not sure about Baby Brit, since I haven't really tried this on my baby either.

alissa4illustration said...

Mica and I have been coughing like we've been smoking for years. Non smokers live here.

I think Vick's Vapor rub on the chest really helps. They make a kind for babies, which to this day I use on Isaak, who is almost 3. Some people have told me to put it on the bottom of your child's feet, and then put their socks on. I'm not sure if that works or not, but it's worth a shot.