Friday, December 14, 2012

Today I Wanted to Show You My Giveaway Winnings.

Do you ever enter giveaways on blogs?  I do sometimes and have actually won a few.  The one I won recently was AWE to the SOME!

(100% shetland lambswool)

Cassandra of Farm Genevieve has sheep and goats and spins their wool and I won some of Ava's wool yarn!  I am SO excited.  I am such a beginning knitter, I'm afraid to use it!  But, I must have something made out of this beautiful stuff asap, so tell me, what should I make?

(ava, the sheep.  picture taken from Farm Genevieve blog.)

Ash and Britt were so excited when I pull this yarn out of the box and showed them the picture of the sheep on the card Cassandra sent.  I explained to them that the sheep's hair made the yarn they were holding and they stroked it and cuddled it and were so thrilled!

Thanks again Cassandra!

You can peruse the Farm Genevieve shop here.  


Amy said...

Cool! Love winning giveaways. Doesn't happen often, but it's awesome when it does!

Farm Genevieve said...

Love the picture of your daughter holding Ava's yarn.

My Journey With Candida said...

I love entering blog giveaways and especially like it when I win. I haven't won much lately.

alissa apel said...

You could make hats, scarfs or slippers for the girls.

I wish I could knit! My Grandma that passed away just this fall knitted us all sweaters when we were kids.

I of course enter giveaways. I save many of my winnings for gifts. Even the things I win for myself gets stuck away and I have Travis give it to me later on.

Are We There Yet! said...

Whooo Hoooo.... You go girl!!

mun said...

Lucky you! The wool looks so soft and nice.