Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today I Just Want it To Be Spring Already!

The girls and I definitely have cabin fever.  The temps around here are rising but it's still too cold for the snow to melt!  Spring is right around the corner!  Why doesn't it look like it?????

I was perusing Facebook this evening and one of my adventurous, childless, outdoorsy friends posted pics from her camping trip to The Grand Canyon.  It looked gorgeous and I felt a teensy bit jealous.  :)

I'm just done with snow.  Haha!  Looking forward to Saint Patrick's Day (did I ever tell you I'm the descendant of an Irish princess?), First Day of SPRING, Britt's birthday, and Easter!  That last two weeks of this month are gonna rock!!

Just hope Mother Nature gets into the festivities too....

(i bundled the girls up and took them outside.  they loved it, even though it was cold and they kept slipping on the ice.  and ash had a hard time riding her scooter.  i just love this pic of elle.)


alissa apel said...

I thought you looked like you had princess in you. ;)

It snowed 7 feet here on Sunday, so I know what you mean! No more snow!

Amy said...

Ha ha ha! I looked back at that other post. Too cool.

I'm sorry you're cooped up. I'm mourning the end of winter as temps in AZ start to climb. It'll be in the 90's by the weekend.

The end is near! for both of us. :)

Amy Johnson said...

Aw, what a cutie! We just got a couple more inches of snow last night too. I love it! (yes, maybe I'm strange... :D )

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Faith said...

I'm so ready for Spring too. It got warm the last few days and today winter returned! So frustrating.

That picture of Elle is amazing! She is beautiful!

My Journey With Candida said...

I'm with you..... I am so sick of winter and it is suppose to snow all weekend here. We are in the middle of March, you would think it would get nice soon.

mun said...

How exciting to be the descendant of a princess! :) That explains why your girls all look like princesses. Hope you get nice spring flowers soon!