Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today I Set Up a Scavenger Hunt.

We went to a birthday party for my dad, a sister and a brother this afternoon.  On the way there, I promised my girls a little nature scavenger hunt.  I had purchased a little kid's camera for them to share (Ash was very into it) and told them they could take pictures of the things they found on the scavenger hunt.  I also printed out a checklist of items in nature to find.  You can get the free printable here

We decided to do the scavenger hunt at Lisabeula Beach since it was pretty much on the way and invited my brother, sister-in-law and their kids to come play too.  We hunted and played and threw rocks in the water for about an hour, before heading to the party.

 (got our checklists and ready to hunt!)

(new camera and a really excited photographer)

(picture taking in progress)

(lisabeula is a small, hidden gem of a pebbly beach)

 (britt lost interest in the scavenger hunt quickly.  elle never did more than scribble on her checklist.  ash had to find every last thing and check it off before turning her attention to the throwing rocks in the water with her sisters and cousins.)

(my husband with his little girls and my brother with his little boys)

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt?  Or to Lisabeula?


Barbara said...

I keep wanting to do this for my boys, especially since they're big into "pirates" and I think a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt would be right up their alley. That last picture is priceless.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

A scavenger hunt is a great idea. I bet my boys would enjoy that too.

alissa apel said...

We haven't been to Lisabeula. I'd love to be there though. I set up a Scavenger Hunt every year that the Easter Bunny puts together. He, or I put clues in the eggs for the next hiding spot. It will say something like, "6 pink eggs are in a spot where dishes are cleaned." They were hidden in a clean dishwasher. Then they get the next clue egg there. That's what the Easter Bunny has pretty much done since they remember.

Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

Looks very nice. I loveee the camera. (for me!!!)

Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

Looks very nice. I loveee the camera. (for me!!!)

mun said... both! Such fun for the children.

Faith said...

SO fun! I loved scavenger hunts growing up. I cannot believe how big Ellis is ... I think when I was last on your blog she was a baby!