Friday, May 16, 2014

Today I Took my Girls to Dash Point Park.

This week has been broiling at 85 degrees.  Until today.  Today it was mid-70s and I consider that perfect.  Being pregnant doesn't help when the hot weather hits.  I should have taken the kids to the beach when it was so hot, but I was working to get a large order of unicorn horns (my etsy shop) finished. 

 See?  I love all the rainbow colors!  

So we went to go check out the beach at Dash Point Park.  I was really impressed.  There is actually sand there!  Most of the beaches are rocky in the Pacific Northwest.  The girls had a blast of course.  :)

 (excited to go!)

(just arrived)

(elle's flip flops are a tad too big always come off)

 (silly britt always has to make a face when i'm taking her picture)

(my three little joys)

(not cooperating for a mug shot of the sandy face)

(ash moved their stuff so many times because the tide was coming in)

(britt would be bored at a completely rock-less beach)

 My favorite beaches around here are KVI on Vashon Island (because it's where I grew up and is interesting and lots of sand) and Alki in West Seattle (again, good memories and tons of sand).  But Dash Point is one we'll be visiting a lot because it's the closest sandy beach to us and we all loved it.  :) 


Emmett Katherine said...

your girls are too cute! i wish it was warm enough for beach weather up here :)

Emmett - Hippie Lace

mun said...

Red is my favourite color. Your 3 girls look so lovely in red on the beach having lots of fun!

Good to see you posting again.

alissa apel said...

It's good seeing a new post! I love the red. Elle's looking so big. I sure can tell they are all sisters.

No beaches near Nebraska.

Barbara said...

They look like they are having the best time!

My Family's Memoir said...

Your 3 girls are so lovely and having so much fun.

Faith said...

So much fun! And I'm sitting here in awe of how big your girls are! And you're pregnant again? I believe I read that right so CONGRATS!