Friday, May 23, 2014

Today I Made Playdough That Smells Yummy!

One time when I was dropping Elle off at the nursery at church, I noticed they were playing with really pretty, good-smelling, homemade playdough.  I asked them how they did that and the teacher said it was Kool-aid. 

So, I was excited to try out this recipe, from Over the Big Moon, for myself.  The recipe, photos, and instructions are perfect so I'm not gonna waste time trying to re-create it.  I also wanted to copy a friend of mine, who put glitter in her playdough and mentioned it on Facebook.  So, one of the batches had gobs of glitter added. 

I let the girls pick their own colors and we ended up with pink, purple, and red.  They had a ton of fun.  I loved the smell and that I finally found an appropriate use for Kool-aid.  ;)  This stuff is beyond easy to make. 


alissa apel said...

Isaak would love doing that. Glitter and all. He loves that stuff - even being a boy.

mun said...

Homemade play dough that smells really good. Will the children be tempted to eat it?