Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today I Laughed at My Child and Felt Sorry for Her Too.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, our little family went on a long search for the perfect bike for Ash.  All her peers now have bikes, and the meltdowns because she did not have been over the top.  I really wanted to get her one of those balance bikes, but they seem to be an online thing only for the stores we went to (Walmart, Target, and ToysRUs).  The regular little bikes with training wheels were too big for her.  The first place we looked was Walmart and they had a Radio Flyer trike in pink and red (Ash wanted red).  I thought we should go to Target to look for a balance bike before we made a decision.  We went to several different Targets and a ToysRUs for nothing, before trying the last Walmart on our way home to just get the darn trike (that store didn't have red).  After today, I was left wondering if we just wasted our evening.

This morning after getting dressed, having breakfast and coloring for a little bit, Ash remembered that she had a bike in the back of the car.  We went out to get it and she was excited for about one minute (should have had the camera handy then).  This is what followed:

Trike #1
(she became quickly disenchanted because pedaling isn't really as easy as it looks!  and when you can't pedal, the bike just sits there, stupidly!)

Trike #2
(she did a lot of this)

Trike #2.5
(which brought this pic to mind.  another frustrating time, at 11 months old, when she couldn't reach the clothes in the bottom of the bucket.)

Trike #3
(after every bout of screaming in anger, she'd abandon her trike - always on its side - and stalk away in disgust.)

Trike #4
(with lots of pouting, of course)

Trike #5
(every time returning, five seconds later, to see if the trike was ready to behave itself)

And now for the........

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Keya, I hope you get some fabulous sleep soon! 

I should probably clarify that when I say 9 hours, I don't mean it's always a restful 9 hours.  I am pregnant, you know. 

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P.S.  Blogger is giving me a hard time again.  I am sooooooo beyond irritated with all the issues in the past 4 months.  Those of you who have your comment settings on " Embedded below post" (versus "Full page" or Pop-up Window), I cannot leave you any comment love.  I'm sorry.  Deleting my cookies is not making a difference anymore.  If you haven't heard from me in a while and I owe you a comment (I always comment back), your chosen settings (and Blogger's seeming inability to work out their bugs) may be the reason.  Sorry!


Rachel said...

I LOVE Ash's expressions in this post! Is it bad that I think some little kids are cute when they are angry or upset?

Anyway, Andrew has the same problem with his little trike. However, his solution is having me push him, which really isn't that fun for me!

I hope she figures it out soon!

Vicky said...

Bless. Learning to ride a bike is harder than it looks. I gave trying to teach Tabatha, she learnt copying other kids at nursery. Ria & Baylie just copied the elder ones!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Okay! Please don't be mad that I laughed at your child. Those pictures were cute and yes, quite funny. It would be great if life were only that difficult. Your story was funny too. I like when she returned to "see if the bike was ready to behave."

This reminds me of when my youngest got a yo-yo. His older brother and sister knew how to make it work and he expected the same thing to happen when he rolled it out on the string. When he tried it, the "silly" yo-yo never came back.

The Evans said...

So cute!

Saimi said...

Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing either. We have a trike at preschool that has a long handle on the back so we can help them learn how to pedal while we giving them a little push.

I just love those pictures of Ash with her bike! Thanks for the laugh!!

Redbabe said...

hahaha... she probably thought the bicycle will miraculously pedal itself while she enjoys cool wind lapping on her face! Hahahahaha...

mun said...

Can tell from her expression that she was really frustrated in the photo. I hope she gets the hang of pedaling soon.

Faith said...

awwww, poor Ash! i laughed too, i couldn't help it!!

Keya said...

She is so cute, and she looks just like you.
OMG, I never won anything before. I'm so excited!!!!

Charmaine Poulin said...

Oh my gosh....those are hilarious!! We actually just had to buy Hank a new bike yesterday b/c we realized (and unfortunately so did he) that his was MUCH to small for him while we were camping & his friends were riding laps around him. Lucky they all shared bikes & he rode a pink one with "princess" on the front a bunch....boy did that one go fast!!!

alissa4illustration said...

Mica and Isaak were the same way with riding a bike. Peddling is hard.

She'll get it in time. I think all the sudden a light bulb goes off where they get it.