Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today I Drooled.

This is not a food blog.  I'm not sure what genre you would put this space under.  Probably family or baby.  But lately, it seems that food is on my mind a lot!  Hence, all the recent edibles in my posts.  So, you might want to get used to it.  Or not.  I'm pregnant, so who knows?  And the sudden obsession interest in food is too bad, because as of today I have hit that sad point where my stomach is getting crowded by uterus.  And that's not going to improve in the next 5 months!  So, I can't eat very much or I get heart burn.  

I've made blackberry muffins and blackberry-peach cobbler and I almost made doughnuts today too, but I didn't have all the ingredients for the recipes I was interested in trying, so no doughnuts!  Then I got on etsy and drooled my way through photo after photo of delicious looking treats.  Thought I'd share a few, since it was pretty exciting to me.  Then I'll fill you in on the rest of my day (just in case you were wondering). 

(chocolate filled candy nuts.  oh my yum!  i think everything in andie's speciality sweets is beautiful and scrumptious looking!)

(pumpkin creme cookie-wiches.  **groan**  it looks so moist and creamy and gooey and i wants it!  tookies also has cake jars!  too cool.)

(spiced apple cider butter caramels.  i know i'm not the only one who is salivating at the sight of these pretties.  and if i got some, i'd have to hide them because tony and i would totally fight over them.  fushion sweets has an impressive amount of caramel flavors!)
No.  I am not ready for Fall and I do not want it to be here yet.  But when it does show it's crunchy, crisp head - I will embrace it and accept it.  :)  I seriously need to get a hold of these etsy shop owners and tell them I'll gladly advertise their products on my blog in exchange for a candy or cookie or two!  I'm easy like that.  ;)  Or pregnant like that.... 

Well, today was pretty uneventful.  I mean besides have muffins for breakfast and cobbler for lunch.  :D

Britt sat on the potty for 5 minutes.  I was reading and heard her making those delightful grunty noises we parents come to dread.  So, I put my book down and asked, "Did you make a poop?"  She promptly lifted her skirt and grabbed her diaper.  Haha.  I changed her and then asked if she wanted to sit on the potty.  She did, we read the Gingerbread Man and then I put a fresh diaper on her.  Baby steps, right?

Two days ago when we had a similar scenario and I asked Britt if she'd pooped, she said, "Poop!"  Hahahaha!  She's really starting to talk.  She says: mama, dada, out, no, don't do that, uh-oh, shoe, and poop.  She's starting to pay attention when I read, loves instruments, books, jumping, rocks, sticks, screaming, cuddling, sucking her middle fingers, nap time (I know, I'm so lucky!) and food.

Ash and I played a matching memory card game while Britt was napping (and yesterday and the day before).  It's her new favorite game.  She tries to cheat a lot and always wants to steal my matches.  Hahaha!  We're working on that.  We also broke out Mighty Mind and I was impressed with how long she stuck with it. 

Ash went blackberry picking with her Uncle Sam (my brother) this evening.  Her job was to hold the bucket while Sam picked.  He said that after he gave her a berry to eat she got really quiet.  He turned around to see her chowing down on the berries in the bucket!

I've been testing dairy products on the girls.  I tried an organic cottage cheese in their lasagna last week.  No reactions.  Woohoo!  I thought I'd try again tonight, only this time with fruit mixed in.  That way they'd get more and then I could see how they do with a larger amount ingested.  I ate a spoonful before serving it and immediately knew that they wouldn't eat it.  That stuff was soooo sour!  No sugar at all!   Must be the super healthy stuff.  Sure enough, after one bite Britt refused to touch it and Ash said, "Mommy,  this is yucky."  Maybe I'll try organic yogurt instead.  **laugh**

Well, that's probably enough chatter for one day.  I need to finish up some laundry and then I'm heading to bed.  Sooooo tired!

P.S.  I'm finding out my baby's gender on Friday.  **suuuuuper excited!!!!!** 


alissa4illustration said...

The food looks yummy indeed! I've been wanting to make breads to stock in the freezer. Then I think I might make another meal for my sister's family. It's supposed to go from 90 degrees today to cold this weekend (not sure how cold). I thought about making split pea soup and corn muffins or some other muffins. I never ate split pea soup as a kid, but now make it and love it!

Potty training! Isaak's started having accidents after being dry for months. He was even dry at nap for weeks. Now his diaper is like a sponge. Daddy thinks he's peeing out his baby fat. That's one theory!

I can't wait to hear what you are having! Please tell! Any names picked out?

I joked when I was prego about Fiona Apple off of Fiona Apple, Myrtle Apel just because it sounded funny and Adam Apel off of Adam's Apple. I had some people going!

blueviolet said...

So excited to find out what you're having!!!

Those caramels and pumpkin cookies are delectable.

Britt saying poop cracks me up!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I want a pumpkin cookie creme-wich ASAP! Now I can't wait for Friday to find out what you are having! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

One of my friends is also finding out her baby's gender today. So excited for you.
You are so wrong for showing those delicious pictures. I'm hungry now, and I'm not pregnant, lol.
Potty training is always rough. She'll be there soon enough though.
I hate seeing them grow up so quick. I think that's why my mother-n-law had 9 kids cause she loves babies babies and more babies.