Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today I Rode In a Tram.

Northwest Trek was awesome!  I brought my 19 year old sister to help me with the babies and things went quite smoothly (except for when some random guy didn't watch where he was going and totally knocked Ash flat on her face - she was quite distressed).  We walked around looking at all sorts of wild animals, including bears, big cats, eagles, wolves, etc.  We went to the kids activity center and saw snakes, a salamander, and a toad.  Ash (with help) made some ladybug antennae which she wore all over the park.  We had an hour tram ride which included some very close encounters with bison, caribou, moose, mountain goats and big horn sheep.  We also saw a mother raccoon with four kits, some turtles, elk, and trumpeter swans.  It was a long, fun day.  We ended it with pizza and soda pop.  My kids were asleep less than 5 minutes after we put them to bed.  My only regret was not taking a pic of the cougar.  It came out of hiding and walked up to as close to us as it could and stared at us.  It was beautiful and disdainful of us and I was so into looking at it (and holding Ash up so she could see), I didn't even think about the camera until after it went back into hiding.  But here are the pics I did get:

NW Trek #1
(cute and ready to go.  they were not in the stroller for long!)

(bald eagles. their wings had been permanently damaged, though not by NW Trek, so they were in a pen with no cage on top.  pretty neat.)

NW Trek #3
(my little cub posing with the life-size bear cardboard cutout.)

(the toad.  it barely moved.  reminded me of the days when i was a kid and would catch and release them on a very regular basis.)

NW Trek #5
(my new favorite picture)

(female caribou.  she was close enough to touch, as were most of the herbivores.  but it was grounds for dismissal to stick your hands out of the tram.)

NW Trek #7
(britt in a "log.")

(female moose.  we never did get to see the bull.  again, could have pet her on her fly-ridden nose.)

NW Trek #9
(ash, on the tram, taking it all in.  she was very impressed.)

(one of many bison.  he was close enough to touch too.  but even if we had been allowed, I wouldn't have because he was huge and kinda scary!)

I'm sure getting a lot of exercise this week!  :)


Vicky said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit. That size of that cardboard cutout of the bear confirms my irrational fear of bears. Irrational because I live nowhere near bears, but I don't like them! Sharks no problem... bears give me the heeby jeebies. x

The Frat Pack + Me said...

How fun is this! Awesome animals!!

Saimi said...

What a great time!! Those girls of yours are so dang cute and I love that little floppy hat, very adorable, very adorable indeed!!

I'm glad your sister was able to go with you so you all could enjoy yourselves! It's always nice to have an extra set of hands..even if you have to keep them in the tram!

How fun!

Rachel said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad your little girls liked it. They keep getting cuter and cuter!

alissa4illustration said...

That caribou and moose look so cool! It doesn't surprise me that the girls fell asleep fast! You did a lot in one day!

Amy said...

That is always so cool when you get to see the animals so up close! Even though I'd rather not see a lion up close, I'm always sad when I go to the zoo and see them lazing around far away or out of sight. (lions are my favorite!)

Blue said...

Wonderful pictures, those kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pics. What a cool trip.

mun said...

I love the "britt in a log" photo! She is just so adorable!

Faith said...

how awesome is this! i know i would have loved to do something like that when i was younger and even now!

your girls are soooo soooo sooo cute!!