Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today I Just Shook My Head.

Why do babies grow so fast?  And why do they always hit their milestones, seemingly, over night?  Elle is officially a crawler.  Has been for about 2 weeks now.  I think it was 2 days after the planking post I wrote about her.

(she is so pleased with herself!)

And now she wants to pull up on everything.  Anything that will hold still long enough for her to pinch a hold of and pull herself up to standing can and will be used. 

(cute face)

**sigh**  I feel like she's growing too fast.  It probably just seems quick in comparison to her sisters, whose developments have slowed down (as it should once they're out of the baby stage).  So much happens in each person's first year of life!

Oh, and on a completely different topic, we went outside this afternoon and britt blew bubbles 'til she was blue in the face (not really).  In other words, she is so proud that she can finally do it herself, she was content for a solid half hour.  Gotta love that!


(i just love her cheeeeeeeks!  lucky girl got my frizzola hair genes.)



My Journey With Candida said...

LOL.. they are so cute. Love the bubble blowing picture.

mun said...

Your girls are so very cute! I can't help but say this over and over again every time I see their photos.

In the 1st photo, I just love Elle's mischievous smile. Curly hair is pretty - lucky Britt and you! :)

alissa apel said...

I love new stages. I remember when my boys stood up like that. They would do it in their cribs. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Then they'd cry because they couldn't get back down at first. HA HA

Your girls are so cute! They certainly look like sisters. Elle kind of looks like my sister Terra when she was that age. She had that same nose, same face shape and same round head. I remember because she's 5 years younger than me. I just love babies and tots!

Anonymous said...

They grow up so fast. That's what makes us want to have more and more.