Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I Hosted a Tea Party.

I had this idea, months ago, to start planing and then throwing parties.  And then turning my plans and the pictures from the party into a pdf to sell on etsy.  I looooove planning and hosting parties!

Today I finally threw the tea party I've had in the works all summer (thanks to sick kiddos, it just didn't happen when I originally wanted).  My sister and her family were in town visiting so I MADE it work.  And I'm so glad I did!  We had 10 kids, including my two oldest, and it was just soooo much fun.

We played games, had a photo booth with props for the kids to take home, and TONS of yummy, sugary food!

I'm hoping to get that pdf put together quickly.

(my sister and I, prepping the food)

(little girls sipping their "tea," which was either chocolate milk, juice or lemonade.)

(my kiddos, stuffing their chops full of deliciousness.)


alissa apel said...

Yummy! I saw a tea set of Alice and Wonderland I loved in a store. It was kind of expensive. If I would have a young girl in our family to buy for, I may have gotten a bunch of it. Then just gifted a piece here and a piece there. No little girls though. I love your idea of the PDF!

mun said...

so very cute to see a row of little girls sipping their tea. The food looks yummylicious!