Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today I Taught My Children.

I've been trying to do at-home preschool with Ash and Britt.  Mostly Ash.  I have several activities set up on trays or baskets and put on our shelves.  Every time I put something new on the shelves, I give each girl a little lesson on how to use the materials and then they can choose for themselves when/if they want to do that activity again. 

Yesterday I put out a sorting activity that was a huge hit with both girls.  I filled a box with some string and objects beginning with the letter B (which is our focus letter right now): beads, balloons, blocks, and buttons.  They simply make a loop out of each string and then sort the objects into their appropriate categories. 

I will be doing this frequently, now that I know how much they love it.  I'll definitely switch out the objects and maybe throw in a piece of chalk instead of string since the girls have chalkboard topped desks.  So many possible variations with this one!



alissa apel said...

That does look like fun! I can see Isaak enjoying an activity like that! He loves little objects.

mun said...

I like doing sorting activities when I was a child. Does your girls like coloring too?