Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today I Need Potty Training Advice.

For those of you who have toilet trained a child or two, will you please either comment or e-mail your tricks and sure fire ideas to me?  spontaneousday@gmail.com

Ash is there.  I am soooo ready for her to be out of diapers.  She is 2.5 and according to the "experts" that is the average ideal time.  If it helps to know a bit about Ash, she is a dreamer and very into her little projects.  She often has to be dragged away from her play to have meals.  I think her biggest obstacle will be making herself go to the potty when she'd rather keep on digging in the sand box. 

So, what books do I need to read, if any?  Or is it really more simple than that?  My mom always used candy but sometimes that wasn't enough motivation (depending on the child).  I doubt charts or stickers would be all that exciting for Ash.  Diapers are very convenient for kids and sometimes that is hard for them to give up.  So, it's gotta be a better trade.

Very excited to hear the voices of experience on this!

"How's his potty training going?" "Oh, okay I guess."
(i have no idea who this is but i thought it was a funny pic.  source)

And now to announce the Giveaway Winner! 

Amy of Chapterhouse Lane said, "Someday, I'd love to read this to my kids. We got a collection starting already! Just a small one.  I love that you want to give your kids a library. That is so. cool.!!!" and random.org drew her number! 

Congrats!  I was totally collecting books for my kids 10 years before I started having them.  :)  As soon as I get my book order, I'll be sending Wynken, Blynken, and Nod to you.  I'll just need a mailing address. 

Thanks to everyone else for participating.  Check back in next Friday for another humble giveaway. 


alissa4illustration said...

We actually got a lot of potty books. Everyone Poops, Sesame Street ones, Potty Train and more. We let our kids read while they go potty.

MommyMert said...

We bought a bunch of books for the kids (Thrift stores, DI, etc... cheap and lots of them.) Dont bother with pull ups... TOTALLY a waste of money. Put them right into underwear, they will hate the way it feels to have their clothes wet. (Let them sit in it a few minutes... seriously, it helps them hate it.) Stickers and candy helped (they still help me have motivation to go and thats saying a lot since I have had three babies! hahahah...I totally reward myself for making there in time.) Alexa liked playing Elmo goes potty on the Sesame Street website game. Do it when they are ready, Jakob wasnt ready the first 2 times, and it cause a lot of contention for me. I literally prayed about it and that was my answer, I would know when the time is right. And I did. It was a one day process. Same with Alexa. She was 2 1/2 too. Good luck. Not the best thing to go through, but hey... we all do it so you will get lots of sympathy. Be patient though. :)

mun said...

My mom says that she just put us (when we were wee babies) on the potty whenever she thinks we would want to go and that's how we became potty trained.

Vicky said...

Just ditch the diapers and let her run around barebutted. She will quickly learn that being wet is not fun.
Praise Praise and more Praise when she does use the potty. Stupid made up songs can help!
Do not be above bribery such as new knickers with her favorite character on.
If shes not ready to be dry at night, try getting her up when you go to bed to use the toliet. After a while you'll only need to put a diaper on after shes been to the toilet at night and then eventually she won't need one at all.
These tips have worked for all 3 of my girls.
Good luck. xxx

Amy said...

Yay!! Winning giveaways is so dang fun. You know what they say... you can't win if you don't comment. :)
Can't wait to get it in the mail and read it for myself!

P.S. Wish I could help with the potty training thing. The only thing I know from my older sister who has done it before is that when the child is ready (even if it's after they turn 3), it's a breeze. Good luck!

And thank you!!!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I can't ever remember reading a potty book to my children or as a reference. I did like Mun's mommy did and just put them on the potty whenever I thought they had to go. One thing I would suggest is that you commit yourself to being at home (no field trips, etc.) for a minimum of one week and just have her go to the bathroom all day long on a schedule. The week before, you may watch how long after waking/eating/playing she has to go to the bathroom/uses her diaper and then be sure to direct her to the potty right before those moments happen during her actual week of training. While she is at home during her week(s) of training, be sure she is in panties and NOT diapers. My children mastered day potty training first and then moved to mastering nighttime potty where they wore "to-go" pants/Pull-Ups. I also started watching how long after I put them in bed that they were wetting their pants. After that, I would wake them up a little before that would happen to go to the bathroom. When we went places in the car, I carried Pull-Ups (that is how they came to be called "to-go" pants) in case they fell asleep because I knew they might not wake up to go the potty. I also carried a porta-potty in the car which came in handy whenever the public bathrooms were just toooooooo gross to use and also allowed them to go potty whenever they NEEDED to rather than asking them to wait. I wanted them to have the comfort of using the potty whenever they needed to.

If you go the diaper pants route, then I would suggest getting the ones that separate on the sides rather than the pantie type because they are easier to remove and replace on the little bodies.

mrs. tabb said...

hahaha! sorry but that photo is hilarious!!!! =)

mrs tabb

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Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

when i potty trained matthew, he was almost age-3. I rewarded him with a band-aid everytime he used the potty successfully. for #2, it was easier, but for #1, he had so many accidents.