Friday, June 17, 2011

Today I Was Looking for Fun Activities to Do With My Kids.

I meant to get this post up sooner but the Internet was down most of the day.  It's Friday. 

#2 of 10 of My Unnecessary Necessities or Things I Love That I Want to Share With You (in blog and giveaway form).

Being that I helped my mom homeschool my younger siblings while I was growing up and I also taught pre-school for many years - I really like coming up with fun activities and exercises to do with my kids. 

Somedays we just play outside.  Sometimes we just watch a movie together.  Other days we just read stories or color (Ash and I color while Britt eats crayons).  When we need something new and different I pull out my books and folders full of ideas and we go from there.  I'd like to say I'm full of original ideas, but that would be a lie. 

So - maybe this is a stretch fitting into the category of these giveaways, but really, it's not.  Remember how I told you I hoard ideas?  Well, that would include activities for toddlers, families, and date nights.  I've got enough ideas for us to do until we're 122. 

I've been saving this cute little coupon book.  It's full of fun ideas, rewards, and sweet messages.  My kids still have a couple of years before they are old enough to "get it."  So - instead of holding onto it, I'm gonna put it out there for someone to use and enjoy now.  I'd say it's appropriate for ages 4-12.  Most of it is gender neutral. 

Once again, to enter,  I just ask that you be one of my followers, have a blog of your own, WANT this coupon book, and leave a comment.  Easy-peasy!  Open Internationally.  :)  Ends Monday night (June 20th).

Hope you all have a great weekend, full of fun activities with the people you love most! 


Anonymous said...

That's really cool. I would love one of those.

Ash said...

I am SO willing to hold onto that until I have a 4 year old. Super cute.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


The coupon book is totally cool. I like that for a new incentive "thingy" I'm working on for them to use. My kids have been wandering around the house with no direction for the past few weeks because I'm trying to get everything ready for school which starts in a few weeks. I need someone to play w/them. Oh, I guess that would be me. I too find so many neat ideas of things to do w/my kids and I guess I need to take the time to actually do them.

Wow! 122. You should save some of the board games and table sitting activities for years 100+.

Stephanie Faris said...

CUTE. I don't really have anyone to give it to, though. Better for it to go to someone with kids. Good luck, everyone!

Faith said...

i think that is so awesome! i love it ... but i have no kiddies so i am not entering! i def. would want something like that when i have children!

alissa4illustration said...

I follow you and have a blog. Super fun. Right now we just put chores in a jar and they pull one out to do. I didn't think about having something for fun to do.

Redbabe said...

I seriously love following your blog Jamie. It gave lots of fun idea. Now I can't wait to have my own kids, wait for the to grow old enough and enjoy the coupon! best part is, so many ideas and yet not baking any bun yet. Lols...... nevertheless, keep the ideas coming ya! *love*