Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today I Rediscovered a Cool Blog.

The blog is called Someday Crafts.  Basically it a whole bunch of fun ideas this gal has gleaned from other websites.  She's got more than just that going on, but that is the main theme.  It's all about the fun things she's gonna do...someday...when she has time.  Haha!  I could TOTALLY do a blog like that.  All about the things I'm gonna do.  Maybe I should switch.  Instead of "what I did today," I'll do "what I'm doing tomorrow....maybe."  Hahaha!  I'm the queen of good intentions.  I have a thick, fatty binder full of magazine pages of crafts and activities I want to do.....someday.  I even have a HUGE folder on my computer stuffed with MORE crafts and projects I still fully intend to get to.  **laughs at self behind hand**  Delusions of grandeur, I know.  Here are a few of those projects (and we're talkin' tip of the iceberg few):

(rain gutter book shelves.  i seriously need these, like, yesterday.  Source.)

(fabric mat for photos.  so cute and easy!  and the local fabric store is like a visual candy shop - just GIVE me an excuse to go there!  Source.)

(braided headbands.  i thought this was such a fun way to use up fabric scraps.  you could even make matching ones for the clothes you sew.  like how I said, "you" sew?  yeah, I haven't sewn any clothes yet.  YET!  Source)

(date ideas.  this one is so easy and simple, there is no reason for me to not already have done it.  i simply forgot about it.  easy to do when there are hundreds of links in my folder.  Source)

(a-stinkin'-dorable toddler top.  what's not love about this one?  the print she chose is too cute and she gives the pattern away for fa-ree!  and now i've got two toddlers, seriously need to get hoppin'.  Source)

Really and truly.  I'm going to craft more.  **sigh**  I do enjoy creating.  It just seems to take a back burner to everything else going on in life. 

I think I should do another someday crafts inspired post.  I have soooooooooo much saved up - I'm an idea hoarder!  Maybe if one of you does one of these crafts I'll feel like I can let it go.  Hahaha!  Yeah, I know, insane.  ;)


Vicky said...

I too am an idea hoarder. Unfortunately I forget where I hoarded them.

alissa4illustration said...

You could title this blog, "What I Did Today" and subhead smaller, "What I'll Do Tomorrow." Then have the best of both worlds on one blog!

We just got our old rain gutter taken down, but I don't know if we have room for something like that. It's a cool idea.

I have an old cubby locker from Gold's Gym sitting in my basement holding paint cans. I plan on repainting it to put in Mica's room someday. I thought it would be great for stacks of jeans, toys and such. I'm waiting until he's around 7; out of the slamming door phase.

I also turned a desk into a changing table: http://milkingtheissue.blogspot.com/2010/06/desk-or-changing-table_30.html

You might like Wordle: http://milkingtheissue.blogspot.com/2010/09/decorate-nursery-with-wordle.html

I made these paper animals for Isaak's room: http://theapels.blogspot.com/2010/07/puppy-added-to-isaaks-wall.html so easy to do! I just hand sewed paper together. I'm getting ready to make robots for Mica's room.

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh those are wonderful crafts and I'm loving those book shelves, wow!

I can barely keep up with my quilting, you go girl!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

it's always fun finding new blogs! awesome!

Amy said...

I checked out that site and LOVED it! That fabric matting idea is pure genius. I'm TOTALLY using it!

Yeah, we all have "somedays" don't we? Ever seen the movie Knight and Day? That's my favorite line from that movie "What day is it?" "It's someday."

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Craft ideas - I have lots of those! Time and energy - those I am lacking of!

Redbabe said...

tell me about it. I've files and files of ideas... both in the pc as well as in the hardcover files. Boxes of fabrics, papers and etc.... Damn. But never get around doing much.

CK said...

I know what you mean about a binder full of good intentions...