Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I Talked to My Mom.

Nothing new, really.  I talk to my mum everyday.  No matter where I've lived, I have talked to my mother pretty much everyday.  The exception would be the 18 months when I was on a church mission in Houston.  Otherwise I talk to my mom in person, on the phone or through email.  If she ever jumps on the Facebook band wagon I'll be able to add that to the communication methods list.

It's Day 02 of the 30 Day Challenge.  I'm supposed to post a pic of myself with someone I've been close to for a while.

Obviously, I'd love to choose my husband.  But 4 years is hardly "a while."  But, Mom?  I've been close to her for 31 years.  Ok, so some years were more chummy than others.  I'm assuming we started out close.  I mean, she carried me for 9 months, forced herself to eat yucky proteins for me, refused to take any form of pain killer during my labor and delivery, and has pretty much based all other decisions on what would be best for me (and the rest of my siblings that soon followed).  She's pretty selfless and has been an amazing example of a woman.  I know I went through several years where Dad was my best bud, but once I hit puberty it was all about Mom.  She's been my confidante, my benefactress, my steady rock, and my cohort in crime (or maybe just mischief). 

Mom & Jamie - Christmas 1980
(taken in 1980 - my second Christmas & Mom's twenty-sixth)

She's the first born in her family just like I am.  So it was pretty cool that I had a girl first too.  Now if only Ash can keep the trend up...... many, MANY years from now!

P.S.  The winner of the Ghirardelli Toffee Interlude Chocolate Bar is..... BECKY!   She said, "Dude!!!  I would do anything for chocolate!"    Haha!  Well, here you go!  Coming right up! 

Thanks to everyone else who played.  You'll get another chance to win something next Friday. 


Becky said...

I am so excited! I needed some chocolate today!

Catherine Anne said...

I love the photo! It made me smile!

Amy said...

Yay, I call my mom mum or "mama" (pronounced like on Pride and Prejudice) all the time! Fun.
Your girls look so much like you it's scary! And great. :)
Your mom is a pretty lady.

P.S. Houston, huh? Did you ever know Kalli Hamilton? I think she served her mission in Houston too, though I don't know if you guys are the same age. Any comps from Arizona?

mun said...

Your mom is so pretty!

Vicky said...

I'm glad you put that it was a photo of you 7 your mum, could have easily mistaken it for you and Britt.

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Ha ha! Booo.....maybe i should've realized that the 13th was yesterday! ADORABLE shot of you with your beautiful Mom!!!

alissa4illustration said...

Your girls look just like you. Such a great tribute to Mom!

Congrats Becky!

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Your mom is a hottie!
The likeness between you and your girls is so heartwarming!
And this post made me miss my own mother!

Christy said...

I love seeing old pics of your mom. SO gorgeous... love the long hair!!!