Friday, June 10, 2011

Today I'm Eating Chocolate.

I also had an AWESOME smoothie made with frozen strawberries, milk, and sugar. It was pink perfection and I highly recommend you make some for yourself. Yum!

But I digress.

Guess what? Today is the first of 10 giveaways I'll be having on Fridays (assuming I remember, which could be expecting a lot, so feel free to remind me).

#1 of 10 of My Unnecessary Necessities or Things I Love That I Want to Share with You.

Am I the only one who can never remember how to spell necessary? Spell check gets me every time!

Anyways. The loves I am giving away are just another way to share a bit about myself and they are in no particular order of favoritism.

Today's giveaway? Chocolate!

I triple time heart this particular chocolate bar BIG TIME!

Ghirardelli? Yes, please!! With toffee?!?!?! OMG (as in oh my goodness). yes, yes, YES!

My mouth thinks I've died and gone to heaven every time I indulge in a bite of this baby.

The rules (yawn, I know, but ya gotta have them):

1. You need to be a follower, have a blog of your own, actually want the chocolate bar, have a mailing address AND leave a comment.

Open internationally.

I can't promise that you will receive the actual bar in the picture. It probably won't last until the end of the giveaway (which will be Monday - the 13th), but I can assure you that the winner will receive a Ghirardelli Toffee Interlude Chocolate Bar that has not been previously sampled. :)

Good luck! And have a great weekend!


Stephanie Faris said...

Well, I want the chocolate bar and I am a follower...and that chocolate looks super yummy!

Ash said...


Ash said...

OF COURSE I want it! Yummy!

Becky said...

Dude!!!I would do anything for chocolate!

Amy said...

Saw the title of this post and was all jealous n stuff. Then to my surprise I see you're giving it away! Yahoo!! I'll comment for chocolate, you betcha. Maybe I should have a giveaway. That always ups the follower number. (I'm trying to get my story blog tons of followers).

MommyKat said...

I follow as MommyKat, I run a rocking blog (if I do say so myself! lol), who in their right mind doesn't want chocolate, and that's my comment! I love Girardelli, but I've never seen the Toffee variety before; it looks incredible!

Myrnie said...

You are so cute! Yes please :)

mun said...

You mean I can't leave a comment here if I don't want the chocolate bar?! *gasp* Day 02 pretty please.

Anonymous said...

follow and Id love to win! thanks !

pokergrl8 at

alissa4illustration said...

My mouth is watering! I want! I have a blog, well 4 of them actually. Only 2 do I post on regularly. There are certain words I have to look up every time. I hate that! Some words I can type, but the moment I try and write them by hand, they escape me.

Vicky said...

ooh chocolate. And you are not alone with the regular mispellings of necessary.

blueviolet said...

Is there anyone who would turn down that chocolate bar???

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Yes please!!!! That looks FANTASTIC!