Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I Broke Up a Lot of Fights.

I don't know what got into the girls today, but it seemed like they were at each others throats from the moment they got up.  They took turns wanting whatever the other one had.  I got to see a lot of hitting, pushing, pulling and hair grabbing.  Ash even hit Britt over the head with a stick!  Most of the time I think my kids are awesome, little angels.  Today it was like they were trying to sprout horns!  Taking the item they were fighting over didn't seem to make a difference since they'd just find something else to squabble over.  **sigh**  Well, tomorrow is another day, right?  Maybe they will play nicely instead. 

I'm posting the pics I took at the Pacific Science Center on the 18th of last month.  It was a short trip.  I brought my kids, my brother and sister-in-law brought their son, and my mom brought most of her still-at-home kids (a total of 12, ages 4-19).  At this point we were all rather tired from a solid week of fun and outings.  All the children were being punks and Britt was down right impossible!  I was so happy to just pack up and go, even if we weren't there long. 

I did get some cute pictures though.  :)

(britt, at least 14.5 years away from driving a real car.)

Musical Britt
(musical britt)

Instrument Room
(in the instrument room.  i was amazed and happy with how long this room held the girls' attention.)

Duckbill Footprint
(britt sitting in a duckbill dinosaur footprint.  she thought it was pretty cool.)

Caterpillar Ride
(britt wasn't very impressed by this big caterpillar statue.  i was surprised she stayed on it long enough for me to snap a picture.)

In the Bus
(to be honest, i don't really remember what they were sitting in.  i think it was a play bus or truck.)

It'll probably be a while before I go to the Pacific Science Center again.  It's mostly for older kids.  Actually, Ash was really interested in everything, but Britt just wanted to run away from me.  So, not really a young toddler place.  :) 


mun said...

The caterpillar does not look like one. Ash and Britt must have got up from the wrong side of their beds.

Amy said...

I think girl hormones fluctuate whether they're pubescent or not! Craziness. Hope it clears away soon.

alissa4illustration said...

I love the photos. Maybe in a few years they will like the museum more.

I know what you mean about having a bad day with fighting! We've taken Mica's door off the hinges about 4 times as a punishment. He likes to slam Isaak out of his room.

I have a locker waiting to go in Mica's room, but I won't dare put it in there until he and Isaak out of the slamming stage.

PS I remember fighting with my sister's. I think it's just something that kids do. One day they are the best of friends, the next day they are the worst of enemies.

Anonymous said...

Your kids sound like my kids, lol.
That center looks awesome.

CK said...

Oh, these really are great pictures. I like that comment after the first one, haha.