Friday, July 29, 2011

Today I Looked at Recipes.

I've probably already mentioned this, but I have a hard time cooking the same thing twice.  I have a binder full of recipes that turned out really well when I tried them.  I write in all my cookbooks so I know which recipes were yummy, but I rarely repeat them.  I just love the experimentation of a new recipe! 

I'm pretty sure that of all the recipes I've shared on this blog the only one I've used multiple times is the chocolate chip zucchini bread.  I'm assuming that when my kids are older I'll be repeating their favorite meals.  But, then again, maybe not.  Maybe they'll love the variety of eating different things.  Anyways, I get most of my recipes from, magazines, and the few cookbooks I own. 

And this is where I reveal some of my nerdiness.  I adore cookbooks related to books I've read.  I'm TOTALLY gonna be looking into all the books in this list.  I'm sharing the ones I own and love to pull out occasionally and pour over them (along with a giveaway).

(i got this book as a gift when i was 8 or 9.  i didn't actually cook something out of it until i was married!  source.)

(another gift from my youth.  i have misplaced my copy and hope it turns up soon!  i'm not sure it's in print anymore.  so used would be the only way to get it.  source.)

(the most recent addition to my collection.  it is aMAZing!  the pictures, the history, and of course the recipe for candied citrus peel.  source.)

(i don't know if I should add this to the line up since I, technically, stole it from my mom but she never read it anyways.  and i did.  well, i never actually read the story, but every recipe i've tried from this book was/is excellent. especially the blueberry-raspberry pound cake, which i tweaked and it still came out perfect!  the gal who wrote this book is the blogger of orangettesource.)

I'd like to share this fun with you!  So consider this #7 out of #10 of my Summertime Giveaways!  Whomever wins gets to choose one out of these four cookbooks.  I might as well let you know that though I'm not giving away my own copies, you will most likely be getting a used copy from the local bookstore or  To enter, just be a follower and leave a comment!  Open internationally, of course. 

Oh and this giveaway ends Tuesday evening (August 2nd). 


Ash said...

I would love my luck to work on this one!

Faith said...

you know i love cooking and trying new recipes!! i hope i win!! haha :)

Sherri said...

I love love love cookbooks..and cooking. I am just like you...I seldom cook the same thing twice.

blueviolet said...

I love poring through cookbooks! I'm crazy about Taste of Home magazine too, but they're not the healthiest recipes.

I also love tying recipes into books. I did that a lot with the kids!

MommyMert said...

:) You make me giggle. My husband chuckled at this blog as well.

Myrnie said...

Fun! I have the prairie cookbook for my girls, tucked away for when they're ready :). Molly's cookbook sounds amazing!

Amy said...

Oooh! I pick the Shakespeare one. If I don't win this, I'm going to buy it anyway. I also want to get a Harry Potter one, if they have it. Butterbeer is just too good not to have it every once in a while.

You're so brave to be constantly trying new recipes. I'm not so adventurous. I'll try a new one every now and then, sometimes a couple times a week. It's fun to get a winner. But I more often do repeats.

alissa4illustration said...

I have Little House on the Prairie postcards that I got from the museum in South Dakota. They have recipes on them.

I also have an American Girl recipe book. It's when they first started. I should dig that out again! It has an yummy salmon recipe!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, how fun!! I just finished eading Anne of Green Gables. :-)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Oh, I'd love to win any one of these! Thanks for the chance!

AudreyO said...

I did follow you, though I think google used my gmail account versus my blogger account. I smiled reading your post, I too never make the same recipe twice with very few exceptions. If we like something, great we try another recipe. In order for us to make it again, it has to be one of the best things we've ever tried.