Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today I Wasn't Very Productive.

I haven't even left myself much time to blog because of this:

So, I'm just posting the briefest of highlights from my day.

I did go see my midwife today for a normal check-up and a blood draw.  I'll find out tomorrow if I need to up the dose on my thyroid supplement or not.

I made these awesome cinnamon rolls last night.  I will never try another cinnamon roll recipe again.  I mean, if you've found the best, why continue searching?  I didn't take any pictures because we ate them too quickly.  They made a great late night snack AND breakfast of champions!  Tony's not very happy that I shared with my siblings because he only got two.  Haha!

I put Ash down for a nap this afternoon and I'm the one who fell asleep.  I woke up to find her playing with one of my bras.  Reminded me of when she was little (what am I saying?  I mean littler) and got into my underwear drawer

I'm so irritated with Facebook right now. So NOT pleased with the changed news feed. I really liked being able to see only the statuses and only the pictures. And in order, from newest to oldest. The upside is, I'm not going to waste as much time on Facebook if what is see isn't my choice and limited.

Mandy posted pics of the PNW Bloggers Meetup.  The first thing you see is a headless picture of my larger-than-life belly.  Oh my.

I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am of cleaning poop out of these:

I cannot wait for the toddler-sized toilet seat I ordered to arrive.  Oh, and I gave up on potty-training Britt on day one.  One child at a time for me!  Sheesh!  Over achiever right here!

Oh hey!  I'm not the only one who has made a skirt out of a completely different article of clothing!  Mommy Chic did it too!

Ash saw a big black ant walking along the cement path, this evening, and decided to end it's life by stomping it with her bare foot.  Only she just left her foot on top of it and grinned at me.  I've been bit by ants before so I told her to move her foot.  She did, only to discover that it was still fully capable of running away.  So she stomped on it again.  I don't think "stomp" is the right word because, again, she left her foot on top of the unfortunate creature.  I said, "you should be careful because ants can bite."  That comment inspired her to jump back from the bug (which was properly mangled this time) and because she obviously doesn't want to touch a biting bug, she decided to roar/yell at it.  I wish I could have caught it on video.  She was crouched over the slightly smashed thing, that was trying desperately to get away from her, and doing her best monster/lion/bear impersonation.  Britt, who always wants to copy Ash, decided to stomp on the ant too.  Only she's not very coordinated and her chubby foot kept missing the target.  Luckily the hapless insect finally hobbled its way over to the edge of the pavement and fell off into the grass.  And that was that. 

Did I actually say "briefest?"  Hahahahaha!!!!  Just kidding. 


Amy said...

I love your randomness! This post made me smile.

alissa4illustration said...

That's so funny that Ash got in your underwear drawer. Isaak just got into my stash of pads. He took one with him to the car without Daddy noticing. Daddy asked him what he had in his hand? He said, "One of Mommy's diapers." NICE! NOT!

The ant story cracked me up! Mica used to kill flies with his bare hands in our windows. CRAZY! DISGUSTING!

blueviolet said...

Your big belly is adorable,and those cinnamon rolls look pure amazing.

I hate the Facebook changes too. I have no idea what's going on over there anymore.

Faith said...

i want to make cinnamon rolls now, yum! and how funny are you kiddos! :)

p.s. i think you have the cutest baby bump!!!