Friday, September 16, 2011

Today I'm Going to Talk about Blogging.

Two things. 

First off and most important.  I want to direct you all to....

Chapterhouse Lane!

Hero London is a fine writer of stories and I thoroughly enjoyed my daily half chapter of The Streets of Elangard.

(daena-rose, the heroine of the streets of elangardsource.)

Coming soon is Fathom (mermaids, folks!  And I am stoked!).

There is a giveaway promoting this next tale/tail over here.  Go there.  If I'm not going to win it, then the next best thing would be having a friend win.  :) 

Secondly, I'm in a bit of a conundrum.  I'm trying to figure out just how far I want to take this blogging thing.  There is a big get-together for all the bloggers of the Pacific Northwest.  I feel guilty for not blogging about it sooner (though most of you aren't in the area) and I still haven't decided whether I am going or not.  I only have until this evening to decide.  **soooo indecisive**  At first I was going, then I thought I had other commitments.  Turns out I'm a free woman, and I still don't know!  I'm not a big group sort of person.  What if I get there and don't really connect with anyone?  What if I sit there, quietly eating my food and that's it?  What if I begin by having great convos and talking up a storm and end up saying all sorts of stupid, embarrassing things?  What if I don't go and miss out on making some new, fun bloggy friends?

It really shouldn't be this difficult


Aunt LoLo said...

Let me know if you're going! I e-mailed the lady and asked for the park address...the kids and I might stop by. ;-)

blueviolet said...

I was soooooooo scared and unsure the first time I went to an event with other bloggers, but it is the best. You should go! You won't regret it!

Amy said...

Wish I was going, if no more than to meet my bloggy friends in the PNW!!

Thanks for the shout out. :D

KBoo said...

I'd go. If nothing else, you have the chance to discover some awesome blogs.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I say GO!!! I have never been to something like that and I would love the chance.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

I'm glad you went for it, the bloggers meet-up! I too will have those feeling, but then you are lucky to even have the opportunity to go, so have fun!

alissa4illustration said...

I know what you mean! I wish I lived near you. I'd go with you and wouldn't judge if you said stupid things. I say them too! Like the whole hamidown thing. Hand me down!

I want blogging things to come to the midwest.

Thalita Dol said...

Oh, I wish there was a meeting like this around here!!!!

hugs from Brazil