Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today I Watched a Clip about Medieval Zombies.

Weird title, huh?  Well, this video shows a couple of skeletons - the remains of two people who had rocks stuffed in their mouths when they were buried.  I guess back in 700 AD this was done to prevent people's souls from coming back to reanimate their bodies as undead. 


So.  Confession time for me. 

When I was a kid I went through a phase where I HAD to sleep with the lights on.  No dinky little night light would do.  I had to have the bedroom lights on.  Why?  To keep the vampires away of course.  Duh.  Served my disobediant little self right though.  I wasn't allowed to watch TV while my parents were gone and I did anyways.  I came across a show about a vampire who (obvs) murdered a lot of women.  He was pretty scary stuff.  Hence, my fear.

(if only my 9 year old imagination had conjured up something this cute!  i would have been a lot less stressed.  source.)

I also had a bizarre but real fear of the flushing toilet in the middle of the night.  So I didn't flush it.  Gross, I know.

For most of my growing up years I refused to say my prayers kneeling beside my bed (as my parents had taught me) because I didn't want whatever was living under my bed to grab me.  Prayers were only said once I was safely under the covers.

Oh, and when I was older I was afraid of mummies.  Thanks to my study of ancient Egypt.  Nice, huh?

Confession time for you!  What irrational fears do you have? Or did have?
Come on.  I want to hear about it.  :D


alissa4illustration said...

I was afraid of a white man getting me.

I watched a movie with my dad while my mom was at work. It was scary. She was mad he let me watch it. It was a Goldie Hawn movie where she was running from a guy dressed in all white. I don't know the name of it.

For a long time I wouldn't go to bed by myself. One night I did, and my dad hid under my bed. He scared the heck out of me. :) It's funny now.

Rachel said...

I loved this post! It made me laugh, especially the part where you were afraid to kneel and pray, because you thought something would grab you! It makes me kind of excited to see what my kids will be afraid of...

Anyway, I have always been absolutely terrified of spiders. It gets even worse when I'm pregnant. I have spider nightmares frequently, but when I'm pregnant I have around 2-3 per week and I wake up and make Scott turn the lights. Its kind of ridiculous.

When I was little I was terrified of outhouses. I thought that Dracula lived in them and if you used them, he would bite you on the bum! I told this to my little brother when he was 4 and it scared him half to death. We still can't use them!

CK said...

I am so afraid of sharks and I think the fear just keeps getting worse every summer. And this is a really, really, really craptastic fear because... I LOVE TO SURF! And my husband loves to surf and we fell in love surfing together in college and now we live near the beach and I want to surf but I CAN'T because I become paralyzed with fear about 4 feet deep in water. I can't see my feet and I worry that a shark will bite me and I won't ever see my kids again... and... I'm also terrible in the passenger seat of a car. Again, my fear of car crashes wasn't so bad until I became a Mom.

PS I love your blog so much I start making up "What I Did Today" sentences in my head at the end of the day... "Today I... caught throw-up in my hands," "Today I... bathed three big dogs and three kids" or whatever else interesting might come up.

KBoo said...

Hahaha! I like that quote. I do stick my leg off the edge of the bed when it's hot, but always with the hope that it won't get grabbed by something.
I'm STILL scared of mummies, thanks to your study of ancient Egypt.
I also don't like having the shower curtain closed, as it makes the perfect hiding place for bad guys.

Thalita Dol said...

I would't close my eyes to rinse the shampoo, because I was absolutely sure a giant cockroach would emerge from the drain while I wasnt looking. I could almost feel its long antennas ticklying my feet! EEK!

hugs from Brazil!

Faith said...

hehe, i think we had all those fears. nothing strange about them at all!

when i was in kindergarten we watched the movie Annie and i was so afraid of it ... all because of the part when she is trying to get away from the big bad man and he is pulling at her leg, and they are way high in the air ... hopefully you know that part.

i didn't watch that movie for many, many years because just the mention of the movie made me nervous.

i watched the movie again in highschool and i absolutely loved it, haha. it is crazy the things you are afraid of when you are little. it is now listed as one of my favorite movies. :)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I am not a fan of clowns one little bit. And if anyone is late I automatically assume I need to call all area hospitals.

mun said...

I sleep with the tv on if I am all alone in a hotel room.

Kelly said...

WELL. When I was a kid, I hated sitting on toilets, because I thought that a lobster was going to crawl up through the pipes and nip my behind. (Yes, really. Yes, I lived in Spokane at the time. That made me all the MORE scared, because I knew that any lobsters living in our sewers would be a lONG way from home...and thus, mutant dangers FREAK lobsters. Heh.) I'm still afraid of the dark, for a MULTITUDE of reasons (they change daily.) Oh, and I'm afraid of aliens. Kind of. I watched War of the Worlds, and then moved to Connecticut. There are FANTASTIC lightning storms there, and we lived on a largish piece of yard, on a lake. One night, Will was out of town, I was alone in that big old house, in that big empty yard, on that big empty lake, and the lightning started...and the rain...and the wind...and I was just convinced that it was the beginning of the alien invasion. ;-)