Friday, June 1, 2012

Today I Cleaned Pee Out of the Carpet. Not Fun.

But better than cleaning poo out of the carpet...

I noticed that I haven't focused on Britt in many of my recent posts.

Britt is......doing a good job of being a toddler.  She is truly living it up and making sure that the Terrible Twos is a label that remains alive and well.  :)

(loooove her little profile)

She really is doing a good job of potty training.  She just, occasionally, gets super interested in what she's doing sometimes and then, whoops!  Kinda waited too long! 


She is currently very good at saying "no!" to everything, testing every rule we have, and strengthening her lungs aka screaming.  She has a very good vocabulary for her age.  My favorite is her pronounciation of Tinkerbell.  She says, "Key the Bell."  I also love hearing her say "oatmeal" (her favorite breakfast).  It sounds like she's saying, "Nomak."  She also repeats everything she hears.  She loves Elle (a little too much) and is slowly getting nicer about playing with Ash without tantruming.  I've never met anyone better at staring you down making eye contact.  :) 

Love my firey, little Britt-Britt!

(diva on wheels)

As I've been writing this, I've had to go upstairs and put Britt's diaper back on her twice (it's bedtime).  She sure does her best to fight the sandman!  And gets up early too!  She obviously doesn't want to waste her precious time with sleeping.  :P  Can't say that I blame her.  I wish sleeping and eating weren't important for our health.


Anonymous said...

Apollo pee'd on the carpet today too. LOL

alissa apel said...

She's so cute!

I know this stage all to well.

Mica would grab my face to force me to look at him while he was talking. Isaak just would say what he was saying over and over again until EVERYONE shut up to hear him talk. If we wouldn't shut up he'd blow up into a temper tantrum. Kids!

I'm glad she's doing well with potty training! It's not an easy task, but it will be nice once she's got it down! I'm sure she's getting easier to understand all the time. I love her "Tinkerbell" version.

Rachel said...

This post reminds me of Andrew. I wouldn't trade my little fireball for anything, despite the tantrums and yelling. :)

Sorry you had to clean your carpet, but it's great that she is willing to be potty trained!

Amy said...

She's getting so grown up! What a cutie pie.

Faith said...

Hehe, love her feisty personality! And I agree cleaning out pee is so much better than cleaning out poo. You might wonder how I know this. I have a dog, hehe.

mun said...

Britt looks every inch a diva on her hot wheels. :)

Jessie Tsui said...

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