Friday, July 20, 2012

Today I Shared Chocolate.

Just some funny stories I need to write down so I can go back and remember how cute and funny my kids are right now.

Ash calls chocolate, "crotch-it."  Hahahahaha!

A couple weeks ago, I was helping Britt with a Pull-Up and while I was doing this, she was busy picking her nose.  Then she offered me the booger to which I scrunched up my face in disgust and said, "I don't really want your booger."  Britt smiled and replied, "Ok.  I eat it."  I quickly told her that was nasty and to go put it in the garbage.  She then pleasantly headed in the kitchen and I can only hope that she followed my instruction.

(booger-lovin' britt)


mun said...

Ya, hopefully Britt threw it away.

alissa apel said...

Isaak eats his to. It's in the car when I'm driving. Mica says, "Mom Isaak ate a his snot!" Then I have to get after Isaak while I'm driving.

Anonymous said...


Saimi said...

Hahaha, come on, why didn't you want to share her boogie?? Isn't that what moms do! Ha!!

I remember changing one of my boys and while I was busy with the diaper part, he was gold mining and pulled out a treasure of a booger. I caught his finger just before it went in his mouth and wiped it with a wipe.

You'd think It was the end of the world, he wailed and wailed. He really wanted to eat that thing.

My Journey With Candida said...

LOL.... Kids are so funny. Crotch-It... that is so funny.

Faith said...

to this day i will never understand why kids eat boogers. i can only hope i never did, haha.

and crotch-it ... that is hilarious. maybe if i called it that i wouldnt be so eager to eat it all the time. haha, actually knowing me i still would :)