Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today I Celebrated the Independence of My Country.

(britt with her sparkler)

Our original plan was to go to my sisters in Wyoming, but we didn't exactly have the gas money (like, not at all) and my husband didn't have the day before or after the 4th off work. So I made some plans just for us and I think they turned out very well.
(tony's girls.  elle is just wearing bits and pieces i threw together to make her a festive outfit.)

We started the day off with cold cereal.  You know, the sugar kind that is actually just a vitamin fortified dessert.  The girls were really excited about that, of course.  After breakfast, we quickly got ready to go to the parade, which we were bit late for, but not too terribly.  Let me back up a little.  I had a slight disappointment before we got the parade because I couldn't find Elle's Fourth of July dress.  I had purchased it for her back in March and couldn't remember where I put it.  Sadly, I didn't find it until the end of this day.  Boo.

(ash with her sparkler)

But the parade was awesome.  We saw lots of the dancers.  There are lots and lots and lots of dance teams around here, it's kinda weird.   There was a Twinkie guy and a Snoopy and horses and girls dressed up like they were goin' to the prom.  Ash thought they were princesses and was very excited about them.  Lots of the people in the parade threw candy, which my children were very excited about.   One of the groups even threw otter pops!  I could not even believe that!  They were throwing frozen Popsicles at people.  I seriously thought that people were gonna get maimed.  I kept telling Tony to block the baby so she wouldn't get hit.  The poor lady sitting in front of us got biffed in the side of her face.  Tony managed to catch two of the otter pops so Ash and Britt could each have one. 

(she had me very nervous and stressed because she wasn't careful at all and i thought she was going to light her hair or dress on fire.)

After the parade, we headed home for some nice barbecue chicken and corn on the cob and some really neat Jell-O cups - red, white and blue.  Very patriotic looking and very pretty but I can't say that I like them all that much.  After having gone off sugar for almost 3 weeks,  a little bit of sugar goes a long way.  Not complaining, it's actually nice.  Unless I'm trying to eat a sugar bomb like Jell-O with lots of marshmallows, apparently. 

(4th of july jell-o)

After lunch is nap time.  Britt and Elle went down for a little shut-eye, Tony and Ash went to go get fireworks and a couple of things I needed at the store, and I worked on a wreath for the door.  Of course I can't find my wreath door hanger so I haven't finished the wreath yet.  Another boo!
Tony and Ash came back with some sparklers, worms and Pop-its.  Ash remembered fireworks from last year was very much anticipating being able to light them off this time around. 

(watching the "worms" grow.)

When Britt and Elle got up we went outside to throw Pop-Its and eat the cool Fourth of July flag kabobs I put together (thank you Pinterest!).  Tony also tried to teach the girls how to play baseball but it just wasn't working out so well.  Maybe when they are a bit older. 

(super easy and yummy berry flag)

For dinner, Tony made hamburgers which were DELICIOUS!  And we also had potatoes and watermelon.  I thought about putting a salad together as well but since I would have been the only person to eat it, I decided against it.   We were supposed to have homemade vanilla ice cream with berry toppings and whipped cream but it would've taken too long to make at that point.  Plus, we were soooo full of hamburger!

(startled by a very loud and sudden firework)
So we just killed time until it got kind of dusky and noticed the neighbors had already come out with all of their fireworks.  So we took our fireworks outside and lit everything we had together.  When we ran out of fireworks, I gave the girls the red white and blue glow sticks I had picked up at the dollar store.  Of course they were thrilled and did not want to go to bed, but all good things must come to an end, right?

(ash was still a bit shocked.)

I was sad to have missed hanging out with my family and going to my friend's barbecue that we go to every year.  But I had the people nearest and dearest to me to celebrate with, so I cannot complain at all.  It has been a great day.   God bless America!

(i loved watching the "snakes" grow when i was a kid.  it's fun to re-live the excitement with my own children now.) 


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I think you ended up having a pretty fabulous day even though you had originally planned for something else.

I love those worms and pop its! I also like smoke bombs. :)

Rachel said...

What a fun day! I am definitely making those fruit kabob's next year!

Your girl's dresses were adorable, too, btw!

mun said...

What a wonderful celebration! You made the best of it despite not able to join your sisters in Wyoming.

The girls look lovely in their Fourth of July dresses and I want to eat the berry flag!

alissa apel said...

Sounds like a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the edible flag, I should try that next year. The girls look so cute.

Faith said...

Omg this looks like the perfect 4th! From the food, to the girls outfits, to the fireworks. Loved reading this. Seriously your girls are beyond adorable!